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  1. mbettis

    Quarantine Crashes

    I don't make a whole lot of crashes. It's just not a very cost effective use of my cymbalsmithing time. However, times are tough, money is tight, and everybody's gigs have been cancelled. So, I'm currently making smaller cymbals that won't break the bank. Please, purchase one. ....or more...
  2. mbettis

    New for 2018 -- Bettis Soft Top Cymbals

    As opposed to my Hard Tops, I shape these by hammering only on their bottoms. It gives more warmth to the stick, and a more buttery feel. Soft Tops. 22" Bettis Soft Top medium-thin @ 2535 grams. Thanks for checking them out. Matt
  3. mbettis

    Bettis Cymbals - River of No Return Project

    Some of you might remember my Nomad project where I spent 18 months making cymbals all over the United States. It was a great time. Here's my new cymbalsmithing endeavor -- the River of No Return project. I pack cymbal blanks and hammering gear onto my whitewater raft, and then run rapids on...
  4. mbettis

    Bettis New Releases

    Here are some new cymbals hot off the anvils... 22" medium at 2619 g 20" paperthin at 1704 g 20" paperthin at 1732 g 22" medium at 2576 g Thanks! Matt
  5. mbettis is restocked

    I've been working hard this summer to restock There are now over fifty cymbals available for immediate delivery. Please, check them out. Thanks, Matt
  6. mbettis

    Fake Spizzichinos on eBay

    These hats are the latest in a series of fake Spizzichinos that this particular seller has been selling on eBay. Beware. Later, Matt
  7. mbettis FAQ

    I just put together the first version of an FAQ for dudes that are just getting started in cymbalsmithing. If any of you dudes are interested, please take a look. I would also appreciated any new questions that I haven't thought of. "Dude, why are you such a jerk?" while being a valid...
  8. mbettis

    Bettis Cymbals at 2014 Winter NAMM

    If any of you dudes want to hear how Hard Tops and Strong Edges sound in person, stop by the Brady booth Hall D #3579. Here's what will be complimenting one of their beautiful bop sets... Thanks for taking a look, Matt
  9. mbettis

    Sweetest Cymbal Photos....

    ...because every cymbal forum should have a thread like this. Imma start with a 20" Stine. Death to All, Matt
  10. mbettis

    Bettis and BBQ Siberian Bells in Guitar Center

    After almost 12 long months of paperwork, emails and prototyping , the Bettis and BBQ Siberian Bells are shipping this week to Guitar Center's largest 3 stores. This first shipment, which may be the only shipment, contains 5 Prototype bells each to the Chicago, Manhattan and Hollywood...
  11. mbettis

    New Bettis Cymbals

    Please be forgiving of the soundfiles. Some of us are less rhythmically fortunate than others. 1966 gram Paperthin 22... And, her soundfile. Thanks, Matt
  12. mbettis

    Hey Bill, what do you make of this?

    Found these stamps on a pair of old, old K. Con orchestra cymbals. Top..... Bottom..... Hard to imagine that there was a percussionist named Joe Fricke that had two stamps made for himself. But, maybe? Thanks, Matt
  13. mbettis

    Hey Bill, help date this Zildjian?

    I received an e-mail from a cat in Europe asking about this Swish. At first, I thought it was a 70's era, because the stamp looks pretty shallow. I then noticed the irregular tonal grooves and the raw-ish area right around the top of the bell hole. That leads me to believe that she may be from...