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    Logo Design Contest for Upcoming Drum Company

    This has got to be a joke, ha, good one bro
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    Off to do some Reggae

    Sweet. Having a great time looks unavoidable & fun !!
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    .... ??? whd'ya think ... ?

    Does yours have any dents like this one? Can they be corrected?
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    Great finish & story, congrats!!
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    Which drums are these?

    +1 on the wrap. Please add photos of this kit set up - it's spectacular !!!
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    The Upside Of Obsession

    . The funny/sad thing is the floors and one of the kicks have green label CH-Batter Ludwig logo period correct resos & the 14&15 have Gold labels. The other kick has a modern ported reso coz I...
  7. J

    anyone ever cashed in the Evan's "players points"

    I got the bar stools a few years back
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    The Upside Of Obsession

    Those are some sweet oversized reds!!! Are the kicks virgins? Damn
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    The Upside Of Obsession

    Sorry Brian, already have it !!
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    Today's Festival Rig

    +1 on that, that bottle of Stella is beckoning as well :occasion5:
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    OT: My New Rap Name

    Mine's Dewfalettuce
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    Sad, sad news.

    Heaven increased at our expense...
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    The Upside Of Obsession

    Thanks for the encouragement @frydaddy, got the 16x14, its part of a different compulsion, the octa-plus. @tdcrjeff, actually have a red vista 20x18 but its not part of any catalog outfits (which I admit to not making very clear) BTW, is your avatar a red vistalite? Swee. @W&A and Mike...
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    The Upside Of Obsession

    Trying to complete a series of any drum company's production issue can lead to obsessive behaviors as recounted many times on this and other forums and finding that last piece to round out a collection is often the satisfying end to most of these quests. Looking through and cleaning up my Red...
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    Anybody looking for a Top Hat + Cane Bass Drum

    Wait a second, mine still are !!
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    $100 Wedding (kit)

    Wow, First of all thanks for all the positive feedback on the was rewarding and fun to assemble and I honestly thought the kit would be the focus of this thread...if there was much interest at all. Secondly, I have no idea who is coming or why they drew up the contract the way they...
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    $100 Wedding (kit)

    +1 about bars being scary places for cherry gear....: This reception is, literally, a medium sized nightclub/bar (275 guests) The guest have been drinking for 2 and half hours At the open bar And have been INVITED to play in advance (not just the'drummer' groom) - every and anybody...
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    $100 Wedding (kit)

    I've got to agree to disagree but have had the advantage of thinking about it for a few weeks... .
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    $100 Wedding (kit)

    That is WAY nicer than mine, Congrats !!!
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    $100 Wedding (kit)

    1) Yes 2&3) Already did!!!!