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  1. NashvilleGull

    Alesis DM7 module dead - options?

    Like the title says, my lessons and practice set will no longer power up. Alesis wants $125 to look at it, nope! Any suggestions on what else will plug and play as far as modules go? Zero concern for sound quality or sample library, just something else that is compatible. Kit is only used for...
  2. NashvilleGull

    Best Sounding Kit You Ever Played...

    I bet this has been covered before, but I'm still curious... What's the best sounding kit you've ever actually played? Not best sounding drums at a concert or on a record, I'm talking about the "Oh wow!" moment when you sat behind a great sounding kit and played.. It's ok even if they're your...
  3. NashvilleGull

    I need ID help for this old Zildjian 18" er

    I have no idea the era or type Zildjian cymbal this is, so I'm turning to you experts. I got it used with an old Club Date kit I bought years and years ago. I've gigged and recorded it occasionally, but have been using it for a smaller venue ride more and more. It's really growing on me. It's...
  4. NashvilleGull

    Larrie London

    I had originally posted this under the Chet Atkins thread, but didn't want to hijack.. Tommy Wells also gave some great info about Larrie as well in that thread... I had the pleasure of meeting and studying with Larrie Londin in the early 80's. I was an engineering student in Orlando, and the...
  5. NashvilleGull

    CL ALERT- vintage '63 Slingy blue satin flame!

    passing this along, good thing they're not Ludwigs!
  6. NashvilleGull


    With all of the discussions pro/con about metronomes, click tracks, etc.. lately, I thought this was "timely". (forgive me) :) (**I did not write this, but I do agree the the general tone of it. I actually believe I copied this from someone's DFO post years ago. If anyone remembers the author...
  7. NashvilleGull

    Does A Click Track "Kill The Groove" for you?

    I've been reading a lot here (and other forums) lately about the use of click tracks and metronomes in the studio or on live gigs. Also a few threads lately about "good drummers/great drummers". Since we are, after all, the timekeepers, I thought I'd throw my ideas on the pile through a couple...
  8. NashvilleGull

    OT: ca. '57 Kay electric guitar

    Thought I'd run this old Les Paul copy by you guys- I know some of you are into old guitars, and this one has vibe in spades.. it's in the FS forum here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=40330 thanks for humoring me on this one, guys! Merry Christmas :D