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    Here They Go Again.....Steve Smith & Ross Valory Fired From Journey

    Something doesn't sound kosher with this. I may be wrong . I was surprised Steve Smith stayed beyond his first go around with this reunion. He's out with Vital Information now. Doesn't sound like something he would engage in. Oh well until we hear both sides of the story just not some lawyer...
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    Your Favorite Stick Bag

    I've had this bag for over 25 years and it's tough! Many pockets to stash stuff and a shoulder strap.
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    OT: Podcasts Anyone?

    Drumming related podcasts I enjoy: Working Drummer Podcast Breakfast with Vinnie The Trap Set Discussions in Percussion Drum History Meinl Radio Drummers Resource Drumeo Gab Sterloid Talks ( Aaron Sterling) Crash Bang Boom The Drum Shuffle The Mixing Board We are Rhythm - LP Drummers Weekly...
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    Drum key Pearl K050 with unusual yellow color logo

    The logo looks discolored from age? Maybe the logo on the back fell off? I have a few of the same keys with the logo on both sides and its a white, Early 2000's
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    First gig with new [old] Tama Swingstars

    I have an original set of red badge Swingstars from 1983. I origin ally got the 12-13-16-22 and a few years later found and 8 and 10. I have the toms on Rims mounts. Its in good shape for it's age and they sound good with proper tuning. Is it a Star? No but it works well for a gigging...
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    Sabian 15" HHX studio crash as HH top?

    I've got an HHX 15" studio crash (old logo) LOL. Not in love with it as a crash cymbal might try it as a HH top. Anyone ever give it a go?
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    Sabian AAX Concept Crash

    I've got one on order from Sweetwater, the 18" though they look to be sold out now. For $99 I couldn't say no! Steve Weiss had the 17" for $89 that to is sold out. Not sure of its a new line or this years black Friday special. They seem to have one out every year.
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    Angling Cymbals away from you??

    In this picture Kevin Murphy is using a 26" bass drum. So yeah he looks lower than he actually is.
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    Carmine Appice returns to Sabian!

    A little memorial day weekend banter. Enjoy folks. Per his FB page. "Back with Sabian cymbals here is my new prototype set up for the tonight and tomorrow . Playing with Vanilla Fudge at Beatles Abby Rd Festival outside Louisville KY. Also playing great drums new DDRUM MAX kit with maple...
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    Anyone try a Pearl Modern Utility Snare?

    Has anyone seen or tried one of the new steel versions yet?
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    43 Beaters Reviewed

    I use the original plain wood Lowboy. I love it. Very light and a nice punchy sound.
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    What's a Podcast? Don't Know, But Steve Jordan's on One

    Working Drummer and Drummers resource podcast and drummers weekly groove cast are also good.
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    Steve Gadd matched grip?

    Mic drop!
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    Buckingham & McVie. new songs/tour - yeah! electric drums on stage - boo!

    Jimmy Paxon has been playing with Stevie Nicks for years. I read he said hes playing electronics on this tour because that's what they wanted. You give the bosses what they want.
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    Opinion wanted...Trash Crashes

    Hello All, Just curious if anyone has an opinion to offer. I've been considering purchasing an inexpensive 18" trash crash and am down to two models. Zildjian's S series Trash Crash Meinl's Classic Custom Trash Crash Since no shop near me carries both It's been down to You Tube...
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    Black Friday 2016 deals steals !!!!

    Steve Weiss Black Friday Specials. Including a few $99 Sabian crashes. The sales usually last through Christmas.
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    While it was mentioned Vinnie rejoined Gretch. Saw this sneak in too.
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    Latin Percussion..Move

    I know since the DW aquisistion LP has closed it's New Jersey office and moved west. But according to this press release American manufacturing will remain in Jersey and they will have a showroom in NYC. I just saw this even though it was from January. Thought it was cool...
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    Amazon deals thread

    Mine is supposed to arrive next Wednesday. They never contacted me about any issues. The splash I bought was sold by and is being fulfilled through Amazon. The one listed now ad having 5 on had at a higher price is being sold by Greenbrier Music and fulfilled through Amazon.
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    Zildjian 18" Sound Lab Project 391 China Cymbal $99