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  1. tempobob

    Eames kit "refresh"

    I was just wishing my Eames were Emerald green instead of the newer rosewood which is more brown. is it possible to sand off and re-stain a drum?
  2. tempobob

    Drumless Jazz Tracks

    IRealpro app doesnt have melodies but you can do a lot with tempo change and feels.
  3. tempobob

    Should I teach my private lessons tomorrow?

    I set up for skype/facetime lessons. First time is today. The parents seem to like the idea and have already done it with other lessons, including dance. Should be interesting. I sure do feel better not going out.
  4. tempobob

    Time to laugh pt2 -the virus playlist.

    Hello Walls
  5. tempobob

    "Embarrasing" music you were a fan of.

    Partridge Family Monkees Archies Gordon Lightfoot I think Neil Diamond is a great song writer James Taylor, but nothing really embarrassing about that. Just pretty mellow. I like soft rock and heavy jazz
  6. tempobob

    Favorite Brush tunes

  7. tempobob

    Favorite Brush tunes

    Borrowing from Nacci’s post, what are some favorite brush cuts? A couple of mine are - “Billy Boy“ Philly with Miles The opening/closing from “ Petticoat Junction” among many, many others...
  8. tempobob

    David Byrne, Once in a Lifetime, SNL, GENIUS!

    I believe the drums are Pork Pie.
  9. tempobob

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Always called it a ride tom. it rides on the bass drum, like a freeloader.
  10. tempobob

    Favorite Odd Meter song/piece/recording/performance

    Go back to your Bacharach days and talk about the 7/8 measure at the end of “ Anyone Who Had a Heart” That one gets me every time.
  11. tempobob

    Bass drum practice pad?

    They can slide even on a carpet. Sometimes I put a weight in front. The mesh would probably be quieter. The rubber pads aren’t that soft sounding. You don’t need a bass drum. Pick up some legs and a lift for a floor tom. It would fit better under the desk.
  12. tempobob

    Rich Sticks

    Custom Drumsticks. On fb
  13. tempobob

    Yamaha Ultralight Crosstown

    Happened to a friend also.
  14. tempobob

    Gibraltar Custom Shop Makeover - Nick D'Virgilio

    Hmm, If Yamaha made a Crosstown version...
  15. tempobob

    Yamaha Ultralight Crosstown

    I have the snare and hi hat stand. Loving them. The hi hat is rock solid. Well done Yamaha.
  16. tempobob

    Aerosmith Sets the Record Straight Update -- Joey Kramer Played Last Night (2/10)

    Rich Scanella filled in for some gigs.
  17. tempobob

    Drumeo at NAMM

    The volume rules are well known. My feeling, having attended many years, although I missed this one,is that because everyone else is doing it, “so will we.” and it just snowballed. PASIC is loud, and they frequently make an announcement to the effect of keep at mf for 20 seconds, but its a bit...
  18. tempobob

    Winter Namm 2020

    This has been fun. They do a live stream and will try to get to a booth if you have a request.
  19. tempobob

    NAMM 2020 => Mapex

    Very well handled by Jeff.
  20. tempobob

    Ghost Pedal Restoration

    Thank you.