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  1. publius

    which hihat stand has the best "break down" design?

    Thats the stand I was referring to. Be aware that the action is not nearly as smooth as other stands and its finicky. But the convenience is outstanding
  2. publius

    which hihat stand has the best "break down" design?

    I use the Gibraltar that has a wing nut for the rod. You loosen it and the whole thing collapses to bag size. Its clunky and not as smooth as a regular hh stand but i love the portability.
  3. publius

    Wood Tom Hoops

    Yes Ray Era circa 1998
  4. publius

    Wood Tom Hoops

    Heres mine
  5. publius

    Steve Perry Returns With First New Music In 24 Years

    Some of his stuff, solo and with Journey, is cheesy for sure. But I don't think you can deny that he is one of the greatest pure voices in pop/rock history along with Freddy Mercury and a few others.
  6. publius

    Craviotto Ad from Sweetwater

    The thing is they arent really single ply are they, at least the big drums? Do you get the benefit of single ply with two shells glued together?
  7. publius

    Ayotte wood snare question

    i've owned lots of ayotte snares, and still own 2 plus kits. What this looks like is a snare from the last iteration of ayotte when they were trying to make a comeback about 2 years ago. They made some snares with this different sort of inlay look like yours.
  8. publius

    Yamaha 40th Anniversary Gold Temple RC

    I think the bearing edges may actually be shallower.
  9. publius

    Yamaha 40th Anniversary Gold Temple RC

    If you ever get another one of these, please pm me. I will buy it immediately.
  10. publius

    Vic Firth SD2 Bolero stick - anything similar with a nylon tip?

    The SD1 ("General") is a beast. It's a great stick, lighter because it's maple, but it's still a beast.
  11. publius

    What would your next kit be?

    Ludwig Stainless Steel, 22, 12, 13, 16. If anyone knows of one in good condition please point me in the right direction.
  12. publius

    EAK 20” Ride

    20 EAK Zildjian Ride. Really nice patina on this one, and lovely stick definition over the characteristic dark wash of EAK. $225 plus shipping. See soundcloud link below for sound file
  13. publius

    Zildjian EAK 20” Ride 2474

    I got into EAK's a few years ago and have been buying and selling them ever since. I've just bought a new one so this one needs to go! PRICE REDUCED: $200 plus shipping. Tonight i'm listing it on ebay to run as a regular auction but i can always cancel.
  14. publius

    Zildjian EAK 20” Ride 2474

    Of course. I've had it for about 2 years. I've used it for singer/songwriter and rock cover gigs. I use either the VF Steve Gadd sticks or VF SD-4 sticks.
  15. publius

    Zildjian EAK 20” Ride 2474

    Zildjian EAK 20 Ride cymbal. 2474 grams. This one has beautiful hammering top and bottom, and a wonderful wash underneath the ping. You can definitely tell this one was hand-hammered. There is a pretty good flea bite that I tried to show in the picture, but of course it doesnt affect the sound...
  16. publius

    Deep cut tracks by Tom Petty?

  17. publius

    Deep cut tracks by Tom Petty?

    On an unrelated note, am i the only one that sometimes prefers Stan Lynchs feel to Steves? I think Stan is an all-time under-rated drummer, and his tracks have an underlying swing to them that I dont get from Steve.
  18. publius

    Deep cut tracks by Tom Petty?

    Dark of the Sun. That song is just beautiful.
  19. publius

    Why I like liveBPM

    have you noticed that if you use it with pre-recorded songs, that seem to be using a click, it still fluctuates? Hold it up to whatever is playing on the radio and you'll see what i mean.