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  1. cornelius

    Favorite NFL team

    My favorite team was the 1976 Oakland Raiders...
  2. cornelius

    How much have you spent on drum lessons?

    I don't know how much was spent on lessons over the years, but whatever the amount - it was definitely worth it. I was lucky to have great teachers from the very beginning, and every lesson was worth more than I paid. Really thankful for these guys over the years...
  3. cornelius

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Very cool lugged frame - might be nice with 700c wheels and a Jones H-Bar Loop...
  4. cornelius

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    I just got a new bike and it has tubeless tires - first time I've tried them. I ran the tires with less air than usual and really dug the amount of grip I got on the trails. I was really surprised.
  5. cornelius

    Stepped Hihat 8th notes Technique

    For playing 8ths with my hi hat foot, I do a swivel motion. I lightly balance on the ball of my foot with my heel barely off of the pedal. Then just kick my heel in and out - with every swivel action the ball of my foot comes down to close the hi hats. It's a very relaxed way to play, and...
  6. cornelius

    Cozy Powell

    I wasn't necessarily into the kinds of bands he was playing with, but I always liked his playing. I was a huge Phil Collins fan when Pictures at Eleven came out, but really dug Cozy's playing on the tracks that he's on.
  7. cornelius

    The Half Time Shuffle

    Purdie, Bonham and Porcaro automatically come to mind as the most popular examples of half time shuffle grooves. IMO they are all equally difficult to play, each with their own individual subtleties - but all versions equal in sophistication and funkiness. I think it's great that we have...
  8. cornelius

    Wood vs metal snare?

    I like wood snares, but I find myself always coming back to metal. I first learned to play on a metal snare, then in the 90s when the boutique builders came on, I got into wood snares. I like metal snares for their versatility, and response.
  9. cornelius

    Venues going under

    That's true - some people are leaving the city. I have friends who are selling their places in the city and moving to the suburbs...
  10. cornelius

    choosing a pricey/custom snare

    I've bought a few custom/boutique snares. In every instance I asked the builder/designer a bunch of questions, then bought the drum based on our conversation without playing the drum first. I have two drums similar to what's on your list: •Dunnett Stainless Steel. I went with steel over...
  11. cornelius

    What's The Story Behind The Profile Icon/Pic You Uploaded?

    This is an old pic from a session I did, probably 1990. I remember it was a Sunday session, the day of the Super Bowl. This was the old Hit Factory in NYC - I was called in for a pop song, I just brought my snare and cymbals and used the house kit. Amazing sounding room - I miss those old...
  12. cornelius

    Modern Drummer...

    Besides just checking out the old ads and interviews - it's a trip to see the educational articles. I was just too young to appreciate the Garibaldi and Chaffee stuff - I got into that much later... Yeah Kevin, Roberto's articles where great.
  13. cornelius

    Modern Drummer...

    Hey Kevin - Gadd was 10/78, and Bruford was Jan-Feb/79. Those were the two issues before the Phil Collins one that I saw. Definitely a cool time to be getting into music.
  14. cornelius

    Modern Drummer...

    I don't think they do. I purchased it years ago, but it later became incompatible with Mac OS. I was able to get digital copies without the interface.
  15. cornelius

    Modern Drummer...

    I definitely remember seeing my first issue of MD. It was Spring of '79 and my dad took me to the Sam Ash in White Plains, NY. We lived about an hour north, but that was the place to go - we were picking up a pair of NewBeats. Phil Collins was my favorite drummer at the time, so it was great...
  16. cornelius

    Has anyone bought any B-stock drums and is it worth it?

    Another name for B-stock is "scratch and dent" - there are great deals with B-stock, but just make sure the item is described well. I bought a BB B-stock and the shell was dented where the throw of was mounted. It didn't affect the sound, but I'd rather have a scratch, then a dent...
  17. cornelius

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    I'm a 29er fan - I've had a Cannondale F29 since '07. It's really hard to find bikes in stock right now - I'll check out some online stores and find a Santa Cruz that I can get shipped to me.
  18. cornelius

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Great looking bike! I'm considering a Chameleon D 29er - I ride on trails - sand/dirt single track, and country roads. Is the Chameleon a good bike for roads and trails? Looking for something fun and versatile - most bikes are sold out!
  19. cornelius

    Hand Exercises

    Also, I ran across on old David Garibaldi article in Modern Drummer, where he takes Swiss Army Triplets and moves accents around. You read lines in Syncopation or Modern Reading Text, while the triplets go over the bar.