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  1. Dave Hartman

    Triangle on istanbul xist cymbals

    Anyone know what the triangle means on the Istanbul xist cymbals? Thanks
  2. Dave Hartman

    DW Design Owners

    Can you tell me the distance from bearing edge to the second screw on the lug? Just want to know if I can cut down to a 22x14. Thank you,
  3. Dave Hartman

    Music Stand Lights

    What has everyone been using for music stand lights? I'm looking for something that I can attach to a stand and withstand the outside elements. Plus it would need to just light the stand not the whole area. Thank you,
  4. Dave Hartman

    Ash wood for Drums

    Has anyone had any experience with Ash wood for their drum set or snare drums? What I have been reading is that it has a lower end than maple. Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Dave Hartman

    Best place to order DW Drums

    Where would you purchase DW drums if you had to place an order? Thanks
  6. Dave Hartman

    C&C Drums

    I have been pricing some C&C drums in the past couple of days and some of the drum shops I have been talking to either do not have any in stock and or are saying back orders can take up to 12 months. Does anyone have any insight on what might be going on with C&C? Thanks
  7. Dave Hartman

    Bearing edge to Lug screw

    Hi Everyone, I don't have a drum to measure for this. What is the distance from the bearing edge to the farthest away lug screw on a drum? Thanks
  8. Dave Hartman

    DW Performance Series inside labels

    I like to have clear batter heads on my drums. I love the DW Performance series. The thing I don't like is the big huge ugly gray labels they put inside the drum. Would it be sacrilegious to take a blow dryer and heat those up and take off the drum? Your thoughts?
  9. Dave Hartman

    Gretsch players

    All you Gretsch Renown players. If I had the 18" bass drum cut down. How much would I need to cut including just past the badge? Would have to cut opposite tom mount. Would like to end up with 22x14 if possible. Thank you,
  10. Dave Hartman

    DW Performance Indigo Glass

    Everyone, Just wondering if you have seen the DW Performance series drums in Indigo Glass in person? Cymbal Fusion has them on the web site and they look dark blue. But I have seen in different videos on YouTube they look sort of purplish. Can anyone give me the true color? Thank you,
  11. Dave Hartman

    Same wieght hi-hat cymbals

    When I play the drums it's usually in a worship setting so I am looking for a softer sound. I was thinking of using two top cymbals instead of the heavier one on the bottom. Anyone else ever do that? And your thoughts. Thanks
  12. Dave Hartman

    Shout out to Rupps Drums

    Last week I had posted how frustrated I was that Rupp's Drum shop did not respond to an email I had sent. I did email this morning again and with in a 1/2 hour or so Evan had replied to my question. I apologize to Rupp's for my rant. Dave Hartman
  13. Dave Hartman

    Emailing a drum shop rant

    Anybody else get tired of emailing a drum shop with a question and never getting a reply. Rupps drums for one, I thought for sure they might answer back, but no.
  14. Dave Hartman

    Footboard length

    Anyone have the footboard length of a DW 5000 or 9000 series hi-hat stand? Since they do not fold up I need to see if it will fit in my hardware case. Thank you,
  15. Dave Hartman

    Sennheiser E-602

    What's your thoughts on this kick drum mic? Best for live or studio? Thanks
  16. Dave Hartman

    What brand of in ear monitors

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what brand of in ear monitors are you using? Thanks