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  1. rstange1

    International Jazz Day! Streaming Now!!

    Hey folks, title says it all. There is some great music to he heard. Here's a link:
  2. rstange1

    Views from a gig

    There was a thread over on Cymbalholic by the same name that I really enjoyed over the years. Let's see if we can stir one up over here. I'll start! :) This is a shot from the percussion section of the Sidney Concert Band at our annual spring concert last Sunday. Front and centre in the photo...
  3. rstange1

    SOLD: DW Collector’s Series 3-Piece Shell Pack 12-14-18 WMP

    Traditional bop-sized 3-piece shell pack. Maple shells with white marine pearl wrap. Made in April 2007. Other than some scuffs on the bass drum hoop from the pedal clamp and minor wear on the heads, these drums are like new. Includes the following: 14" x 18" virgin Bass Drum with folding...
  4. rstange1

    SOLD: Yamaha 6½" x 14" Brass Snare Drum (SD496)

    This is a rare seamless brass snare drum made by Yamaha in 1983. In addition to the beautiful lacquered and polished brass shell, the drum features 10 tuning lugs, chromed aluminum 'Power' hoops, and a dual-adjustable snare strainer. It is bright and sensitive over a wide tuning range and in...
  5. rstange1

    Ghost Bass Drum Pedal Advice

    Hi gang, This pedal came with the Rogers drum set I picked up last month. I don't know much about it other than it was well used by its original owner -- such to the point that the part that clamps to the drum hoop broke. I'm not sure what to do with it, and am open to advice. Does it have any...
  6. rstange1

    Rogers Info

    Hello drum experts. I'm wondering if anyone can provide any info on this kit that is for sale locally to me. I don't need another drum set, but gosh this one is pretty! Unfortunately, the ad doesn't give much info. Thanks!
  7. rstange1

    20" Sabian Hand Hammered Flat Ride

    Rare and out of production Sabian Hand Hammered Flat Bell Ride. Excellent condition overall with nice patina. No keyholing, no cracks, nice hammering. 2347g. $190 shipped to Canada or USA. Payment by Paypal (US) or Interac e-Transfer (CDN). Here's a sound file. My apologies in advance for the...