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    The Upside Of Obsession

    Trying to complete a series of any drum company's production issue can lead to obsessive behaviors as recounted many times on this and other forums and finding that last piece to round out a collection is often the satisfying end to most of these quests. Looking through and cleaning up my Red...
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    $100 Wedding (kit)

    A small group I sometimes play with was having a tough time getting a drummer for an upcoming wedding. While the contract paid really well, there was a stipulation that the guests may perform on the band's gear at points during the reception.... I accepted after we agreed that the guests could...
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    K. Zildjian 18" Mystery

    Well, it's a mystery to me... Last winter I drove to upstate New York to pick up a shell pack from an Ebay seller. When I got there he asked me if I wanted to buy the rest of his rig (stands/cymbals/etc.). Since I was in my TT I said no. After I got done loading what I wanted in the car he...