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  1. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    Here is link Gerry
  2. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    I get an auto liv e feed everyday.. From his living room H e plays ans responds to questions and plays requested beats.. I'll try find FB link Gerry
  3. gezz

    Paiste rides are great

    I have ordered a 22" 900 color sound purple Ride... Wow these are stellar.the paint gives much more stick!!!! And warm and musical for no t much money..
  4. gezz

    Next Paiste crash

    haha.. I'm opposite!! I have a 17" sig full and a 18" precision thin.. I wanted a bigger crash..went to Paste stokst So I played a few... I tapped a red 17" colour sound standard...and WO w!!!! It sounded throaty but bigger than a 17".. I played a purple 19" crash and a red 16" ... But taht...
  5. gezz

    Stage Customs

    I bought a set yuo may remember.. I switched out batter head S for yellow colortone emps Wow!!!! These are a fabulous kit! I gav e my nephew the Snare with a big bag fro his B/day.. I did change the stock for an amb coated for him... He love S it. BTW those colortone beads are fab!!
  6. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    That's realy decent o f you..thank you... I bee n listening to more o f Johnny's stuff today... What a feel h e has!
  7. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    Don't wory about Fitzys comment.. It make S a change from "junkie B******" Or f*****g Drunk!!! I now as usual regret ask g the question... I love the guys playing ans was just wondering I f he suffered similar.. I sai I meant no malice nor was being "smart"??
  8. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    Yeah I love his sound and style.. So unique and tasty.. Greasy and silky.. Gerry
  9. gezz

    Johnny Vidacovich

    Been on his livestream a few times.. And enjoy his playing... And he seems a really nice person. My gko d friends on her e know I have a brain injury... Which resulted from a bleed.. I can type OK.. But on my phone my spelling shocking. I have noticed that Johnny appears to maybe have suffered...
  10. gezz

    Rogers dynamatic hi hat and few other purchases

    Being a HUGE fan of the new Dynamatjc Bass drum pedal.. I have ordered the matching hi hat stand.. Lightweight and liove the look and design.. I see it has a quick lock clutch as well... Should be here next week. Also on a side note ordered set o Evans UV2 for my toms.. Just a one off, try see...
  11. gezz

    Sad news: Bill Rieflin has died

    horrible days and sad news RIP Bill Gerry
  12. gezz

    Cymbal Bag Recommendation

    I have this bag...amazng!!! Such great quality!!! Gerry
  13. gezz

    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    mapex black panther "Memphis" 7.8mm walnut/maple/walnut 5.5x14".. Warm, fat, crisp ans so sensitive.. A real do it all!!
  14. gezz

    Neil Peart passed away. 67

    RIP I'm so so sad Gerry
  15. gezz

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    That Ludwig will be put in that wooden box with me when I demise... It's a true treasure!! Seriously tho, thank you!!! It's a great drum!!
  16. gezz

    Favorite Wooden Snare You Have Ever Played or Heard

    My favourite snares in wood are.. Ludwig classic maple... 6.5x14" and my adored black panther " Memphis" model.. Which was a limited edition.. Maple/walnut/maple 7.8mm shell with cast hoops and i have never messed with anything on it.. How it came was as is and is total magic!!!
  17. gezz

    Prisoner to the sizzle Ride

    my 602 ..which is beautiful sounding Ride.. Is only non sizzle ride I ever play. Gerry
  18. gezz

    Prisoner to the sizzle Ride

    hi.. I have realised that if I play any style of music at all with any other Ride cymbal other than my sizzle Ride (22" 2oo2, or 20" A Custom) I really miss them.. The dynamic I can get from a sizzle has me hooked.. It's NEVER too much and it improves stick attack greatly. But for all around...
  19. gezz

    Hate For 18" Deep Bass Drums. Just Me?

    Both of my kits. Ludwig classic maple and my premier/ gretsch kits have 20" bass drums with 14" and 12" depths respectively.. Loathe deep bass drums!!! Gerry