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  1. johnnyboy316

    Pairing Hi-Hat Cymbal Weights

    Having played many pairs of hi-hats over the years, I came up with a theory, when it comes to matching the weights of the two cymbals. I believe that the bottom hat should only be ONE weight heavier than the top hat cymbal. Otherwise, the top will be doing all the work. I have a pair of a medium...
  2. johnnyboy316

    Have you ever beaten a cymbal to death?

    From about '68 to 73", I had a pair of 14" Zildjian hi-hats, I played them a lot in high school, college, and gigs. There were not today's variety of models offered back then. Just "14" Hi-Hats" was stamped on the top cymbal. I could tell the weight of the top cymbal was thin, but not too thin...
  3. johnnyboy316


    This question may have been asked before, but I will ask it again. What is your one favorite (repeating, ONE) favorite recording, featuring a cowbell, setting the pace of the hit song? I'll answer my own question later.
  4. johnnyboy316

    Dino's Snare Drum

    My all-time favorite rock drummer is Dino Danelli. Does anyone out there know ANYTHING about this signature snare?