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  1. Redbeard77

    DCP Pearl Masterworks Shootout

    Yep, the same as the Masterworks Studio shell recipe, just in (very) limited sizes and finishes:
  2. Redbeard77

    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    Jasper used mojo to seal the maple and gumwood together.
  3. Redbeard77

    Ex-Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Wants $25,000 for Tour Set

    I meant why someone bought it...
  4. Redbeard77

    Ex-Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Wants $25,000 for Tour Set

    I'd be curious what it actually sold for (and why).
  5. Redbeard77

    Black Beauty help please

    I'm curious to hear your impressions of playing the two side by side when you get the BB.
  6. Redbeard77

    15 inch snare drums.

    Not to go off topic, but is lack of volume really an issue in a studio setting?
  7. Redbeard77

    Have you sold cymbals as a lot or just singles?

    List them all (priced individually) in the same ad and maybe mention at the bottom that you're open to package pricing. But most of the time if someone is interested in more than one they'll ask anyway.
  8. Redbeard77

    a dumb idea for a kit that I'd like to assemble

    No one on this site will ever tell you not to buy more drums.
  9. Redbeard77

    Enjoy Some Lettuce

    Thanks for the reminder! I haven't listened to these guys in a while; I need to put 'em back in rotation.
  10. Redbeard77

    What would be your chosen set of "same cymbal brand & line"?

    Zildjian A does it all.
  11. Redbeard77

    New DW universal snare throw-off "Mini Mag"

    Very interesting. I like the function of the Mag throwoff but always felt it was too bulky. I'll have to check these out.
  12. Redbeard77

    DCP Pearl Masterworks Shootout

    I guess it makes sense to tune them all the same for comparison, but I agree it would be nice if they took them through 2 or 3 tuning ranges like most snare videos do.
  13. Redbeard77

    Ludwig Drum Co. - kudos

    That's surprising, and congrats on a beautiful kit! Interior veneers seem a little over-the-top to me, but then again mine have gray paint on 'em. :laughing6:
  14. Redbeard77

    new book from Matt Sorum

    Has anyone read Matt Sorum's new book, Double Talkin' Jive? Looks it was released this week but hard to find so far.
  15. Redbeard77

    Friday Five Fer - Charlie Daniels Band

    Here are a couple of CDB songs we do: Trudy Sweet Louisiana as well as Long Haired Country Boy. He was obviously a big influence.
  16. Redbeard77

    New Drum Kit Day! Gretsch USA Custom - Mystic Blue Gloss (Update - more pics)

    That color looks amazing in your pics, I can only imagine how great it looks in person and under stage lights! Mystic Blue is listed as a regular color: but I've heard they'll do one-offs as well.
  17. Redbeard77

    Just heard Charlie Daniels has died

    Huge loss. My band covers several CDB songs and they're a big influence.
  18. Redbeard77

    Something just seemed fishy

    I wonder what would happen if someone offered to meet in person to buy the drum. It sounds like the scam relies on getting online payment since he doesn't have the drum pictured.
  19. Redbeard77

    New Ludwig Spirit Of '76 drums

    I've never seen lacquer be cheaper than a wrap. I'm guessing they did it because a lot of people consider that a higher-end or nicer product vs. a wrap. The site also mentions the metallic sparkle is a first for them, so maybe they're showing off a new toy. I know they're trying to be true to...
  20. Redbeard77

    Favorite NFL team

    Geaux Saints!:New_Orleans_Saints: