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  1. Bonzoholic

    Enjoy Some Lettuce

    Call me late to the party, but I just got turned to this band and they are......well, you decide.
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    RIP Joe Porcaro

    From Steve Porcaros Facebook page: The Porcaro Family is heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved Patriarch, Joe Porcaro. Surrounded by his wife Eileen and his family, Joe passed peacefully in his sleep on July 6 at 11:37 PM Please allow a few days before reaching out with phone...
  3. Bonzoholic

    Ludwig Standard Snare Blue Mist *PRICE LOWERED*

    Up for sale is a Ludwig Standard snare in Blue Mist. Drum is in great shape. All original except for the heads. P-83 strainer. Script logo wires. One small blemish in wrap (see picture). Asking $200.00 plus shipping (shipping zip is 86305). Thanks!
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    Charmin For Acrolite

    30 pack of Charmin 2-ply for 70’s Acrolite Kidding. Be happy and healthy everyone!
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    This Weekends Gigs

    I'm curious how many of our gigs might be affected by the corona virus concerns of many people. (Biting my tongue on my opinion of the medias coverage of Covid 19).
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    Here They Go Again.....Steve Smith & Ross Valory Fired From Journey
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    Nashville Hotspots

    A drummer friend of mine will be traveling to Nashville in a couple weeks. What are the "must-sees" and "must avoids" in this great musical metropolis? Venues, dives, gear spots, etc. Thanks all!!
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    Paiste 14 Signature Sound Edge

    Selling for a friend of mine. He’s asking $325.00 plus shipping. Any questions, I will pass along to my friend. Hats are in excellent shape and sound great!
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    *TRADED* Zildjian Hollow Logo 15" Hi Hats For.....

    I have a pair of Zildjian Hollow Logo 15" hi hats that I'm no longer playing. Let me know what you have to trade. I'll post pictures and weights tonight. Thanks
  11. Bonzoholic

    Terri Lynne Carrington - Chameleon

    Wow..........just WOW!!!
  12. Bonzoholic

    Behringer P-1 IE Amplifier

    Anyone have any experience with this amplifier? I would be using it for small club shows. Thanks in advance!
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    Happy Thursday

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    Liberty DeVitto

    Discuss.... Dug in deep to some Billy Joel over the weekend. Liberty's playing is so powerful on all Joel's work.
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    18”Soft Floor Tom Bag

    Looking for a soft bag for a 18x16 floor Tom. Nothing fancy. Just for storage
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    35 Piece Set On CL
  17. Bonzoholic

    Zildjian 24" Hollow Logo Ride

    So this beast just showed up. Zildjian 24" Hollow Logo ride. I haven't weighed it yet, but I'm thinking it's a heavy. Beautiful deep ping and the bell is still ringing when I hit it Saturday morning. Not sure of the era of this cymbal yet 70's/early 80's. Feel free to chime in with any...
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    Michael EFFING Derosier

  19. Bonzoholic

    RIP Leon Redbone
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    CL: But Wait!!! There's More!!