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    ludwig bop kit

    7 ply shells? that have been wrapped in burgundy sparkle, not a mark on it, all Ludwig hardware in near perfect condition, all heads new hi-drolic, bass--18" x 12" 8 lugs, tom post, 2 legs---floor tom 14" x 12" 10 lugs, 3 leg & mounts--high tom 10" x 8" 6 lugs, mount--high tom 8" x 8" 4...
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    burgundy sparkle tom

    have 2 Ludwig burgundy toms, 13" both nice player condition. asking $200. usd. each + shipping.
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    custom bop kit SOLD

    3 ply shell with re-rings, has a tamo ash veneer wood covering, all hoops are wood, all chrome is Ludwig, in near perfect condition, 18"x13" bass, 8 lugs, 2 legs, 1 rail mount.....14"x14" floor, 8 lugs, 3 legs & mounts.....12"x 8" tom, 6 lugs, 1 heads. reason for sale, I 'm now...
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    speed-king pedal's

    have a few pedals, some will need cleaning & lube job, asking $75. each usd. + the ride
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    ludwig club-date rods

    is there different lengths for the club-date T-rods? and maybe it depends on the length of the swivel nuts in the lugs? I have some that are 6-1/8" on the shanks.
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    gretsch bass

    I had a Gretsch burgundy sparkle 20" drum shipped to me, ended up having a lug partly shoved thru the side, it went back into place fairly well, (I have not glued it) fedex would not cover insurance as they did not pack it. I have sold every thing off it so now just a bare shell, had been...
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    new to me lug

    this came to me on a drum as a odd lug, kind of neat, lift lever and remove head. never seen one before, anyone know about them?
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    gretsch bass drum parts

    have decided to part out my burgundy sparkle round badge bass drum that was damaged in shipment. lugs, claws, T's all $5. ea. all nice condition, need a good cleaning. (SOLD ) 8- T's left $5. ea. rail mount with diamond plate for tom $100. 2 leg mounts for disappearing spurs...
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    bought a set of gretsch round badge 60's drums online, 20", 16", 13", 14" snare, burgundy sparkle, shipped in two boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, heavy cardboard box, every thing looked fine on outside of box, opened it up to find lug shoved thru bass drum shell. started to file a claim, told...
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    Gretsch sizes

    have a chance to buy a set of Gretsch, know nothing about them, in the 60's did 20",16",13" come as a kit, or maybe these are orphans?
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    supra for sale

    #340530 puts at year 66....has lite pitting on couple off panels, k/s badge, ball-bat muffler, p83 strainer, Ludwig batter head, Ludwig wires. drum came to me with burgundy kit I bought, I use wood snares. to move it i'm asking $250. +shipping, i'm in Canada so shipping may be a little...
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    ludwig parts for sale

    large or small lugs with screws $5. each clock-face rail-mount nice $125. tom posts $60. claws $5. each classic mounts $25. each cymbal arms $100. each new diamond mount $50. strainers $30. to $75. legs long and short $ 50. set more not listed, if any interest send zip for ship quote
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    cymbal wear repair ?

    came across some brass colored tarp repair eye-lets at Walmart, as my hi-hat top cymbal had wear on it thought I would try and close up the hole. this thing fit perfect and the hole it left fit the clutch perfect, now we will see how it preforms and lasts. pic's show top and bottom of...
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    camber T-tops

    finely found some T-tops, no more dropping wing nuts! these are 6mm will fit vintage stands. i only needed 3, but was forced to buy total of 10, now have 7 for sale, asking $7. each+ship these things are better than sex! just tilt to put cymbal on, tilt to remove, no felts or wing nuts to...
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    mid 60's ludwig burgundy sparkle

    all my burgundy kits have been sold, 7 complete kits and 17 toms, all I have left is (5) 13'' toms, offering these two, that were ordered together left hand and right hand,13"x9" key-stone white interiors, rare duel mufflers, near perfect shape, asking $200. each. price drop! . if any...
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    burgundy sparkle drums

    22" bass drum, clear interior, 5/16" arch spurs, rail mount, badge is missing, thinking it is 69 or 70 vintage, has a scrap on top from tom being droped on it? asking &400. 16" floor tom, clear interior, large round knob muff, b/o badge, legs included, nice condition. asking $400.---sold 13"...
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    stamp removeal

    i know this has been posted before, but i can't find it. safe way to remove decal from fibe-skyn head.
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    drums on sale ( new to me)

    was looking for some ludwig mounts p1216d and came up with a company ( drums on sale ) they had the mounts on for $12.81 each. i also picked up some memory locks p1728 for $1.93 each. the mounts have the indentation for the locks, plus the I-bolts have the ridges in them for better grip...
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    use for marchers

    picked up a 17"x12" marching drum off E-bay someone else had turned into a nice bass drum,i added tom mount and cymbal arm. I bought a 15" marcher from a friend and added floor tom legs, I had a burgundy club-date tom that I added some sparkle bands too. have ended up with a very nice...
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    sparkle club-date tom

    looking for 12" Ludwig club-date tom, in any sparkle finish except burgundy, complete or shell is ok,