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  1. Targalx

    ChromaCast Drum Bags

    Ha! I was cringing when he sat on that totally drenched drum throne. Now he's gotta go change out of his shorts! I guess he didn't think that the drum dunk was going to splash all over the throne (or maybe he just doesn't mind it).
  2. Targalx

    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip 4-piece Shell Pack

    I've done my share, too. Pretty sure I was just using my Tama Rockstar back then (12/13/16/22). Crammed it into the corner of the pit somehow.
  3. Targalx

    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    At the moment, I cannot use an acoustic snare drum. I live in a condo, so playing regular drums is not feasible, as my neighbors wouldn‘t enjoy it. So my snare drum at the moment is the snare drum from the Yamaha DTX 760 series. But, in more normal times, it’s the late 1980s Yamaha SD-495.
  4. Targalx

    What would be your chosen set of "same cymbal brand & line"?

    If I could afford it, I’d play all Sabian Artisan cymbals. I currently play a mix of AAX, HH, Manhattan and Artisan. I also use some other brands every once in a while. I used to play exclusively Paiste 2002 series. They were great live, but I realized they didn’t work well for my recording...
  5. Targalx

    Thinking about the Shell Bank Idea

    Yeah. I concur. I would get the same model and a very popular color. If I were to buy brand new, I’d likely jump at an AHM (even though I’ve never played one), in a real basic color like white or black. I’d get 22/20/18BD, 16FT, 15FT [seems interesting, never played a 15], 14FT, 13, 12 & 12J...
  6. Targalx

    Yamaha Definitive

    MCDs are from the same era as MCAs. We never got them here in the USA. A little lower in the Yamaha roster than MCAs. A different grade of maple was used instead. They sort of became what’s now known as the Tour Custom in the USA, but were made in Japan at the time.
  7. Targalx

    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip 4-piece Shell Pack

    That’s my worry. I’ve never “babied” my drums in the past. All of my drums except the CCs have some kind of road wear to them, and I’m fine with that. But I can’t deal with my Club Customs getting scratched at a gig or something. They’re more of an heirloom piece than a regularly gigged kit...
  8. Targalx

    Yamaha Stage Custom Hip 4-piece Shell Pack

    Yes. The #1 reason I am playing almost all entirely Yamaha stuff is because of the hardware (I still use Ahead & Gibraltar thrones, and I also have a few Ludwig & DW snares). I offloaded all of my other brands' hardware and kits (still kept a Tama Rockstar for sentimental reasons, my first new...
  9. Targalx

    Ludwig Drum Co. - kudos

    Ever since that crooked badge thread, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw your post! Haha!
  10. Targalx

    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    Yeah! I have a BCA snare. I love it.
  11. Targalx

    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    I believe this was the very first "kit" I had, too. Got it for my birthday or Christmas or something...? Also destroyed it in about 2 weeks' time.
  12. Targalx

    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    You made a good decision. I know the secret of the Beech Custom; I think it is the perfect kit. Especially the blue ones!
  13. Targalx

    Selling actual drums to pay drums?!

    Oh yeah. I love my DTX, but there's nothing like the real thing. I'm selling a few drums, but I'll be keeping most of my kits, so I'm not giving up on acoustic kits at all. It's just a weird feeling to be selling real kits for software!
  14. Targalx

    Gretsch Renown or Yamaha Tour Custom?

    Really? Will Yamaha make custom TC sizes? I would be very surprised to see that happen.
  15. Targalx

    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    My very first set (a no-name Japanese stencil kit from the late 1960s) was never sold to anyone. While I was on vacation, one of the kids up the street told my mom that I said he could have them (I didn't tell him that, but I did allude to the fact that I would sell them to him eventually). I...
  16. Targalx

    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    The first drummer I saw live? Probably some high schooler playing a bass drum, quads or snare in the marching band during the city's Christmas or 4th of July Parade when I was a toddler.
  17. Targalx

    Selling actual drums to pay drums?!

    I'm selling some of my actual, tangible, physical, acoustic drums and cymbals, to pay for virtual, software drum plug-ins. I live in a condo so I can't play my any of my kits indoors, all of my bands are on hiatus, no gigs, no actual studio recording. Figured I might as well invest in some of...
  18. Targalx

    Any Yamaha sd6465 owners out there?

    What kind of music do you primarily play on that snare? Can't give an accurate head suggestion unless we know what you're doing with it. However, if you're playing heavier rock (mostly rimshots), I've recommend the Aquarian Texture Coated Power Dot as a batter. That's what I use on my SD-495...
  19. Targalx

    10/12/14 Drumhead Packs Outdated?

    15s as part of a pack? Really? I rarely encounter 15" toms. Seems like that would be a marginal seller, at best.
  20. Targalx

    10/12/14 Drumhead Packs Outdated?

    Yeah! And what about us who like to rock the 13/16 toms? Never find a good head pack for those! (10" toms are useless in my world.)