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  1. johnnyboy316

    You're in quarantine with the first famous drummer you saw live - who is it?

    Unfortunately, and I mean UNFORTUNATELY, it was Dennis Wilson. All he did during the Beach Boys concert, was screw around. I was only 12 or 13 at the time, and wanted to kick his ass off the stage, and take over. Later that year, I attended a Joe Morello drum clinic. Now THAT was more like it...
  2. johnnyboy316

    Pairing Hi-Hat Cymbal Weights

    Having played many pairs of hi-hats over the years, I came up with a theory, when it comes to matching the weights of the two cymbals. I believe that the bottom hat should only be ONE weight heavier than the top hat cymbal. Otherwise, the top will be doing all the work. I have a pair of a medium...
  3. johnnyboy316

    Have you ever beaten a cymbal to death?

    Thank you for your reply. I guess I wasn't very clear in my post. Like you, I meant "wearing out" a cymbal over time, and not breaking it! I also use wood sticks exclusively, especially oak, which I suppose can be "harder" on the cymbal.
  4. johnnyboy316

    Have you ever beaten a cymbal to death?

    From about '68 to 73", I had a pair of 14" Zildjian hi-hats, I played them a lot in high school, college, and gigs. There were not today's variety of models offered back then. Just "14" Hi-Hats" was stamped on the top cymbal. I could tell the weight of the top cymbal was thin, but not too thin...
  5. johnnyboy316

    Remo Drums

    Here's Louie playing his BIG, beautiful, Mastertouch set on The Tonight Show.
  6. johnnyboy316

    What’s your favorite stick?

    Pro-Mark 3D oak, no longer made, RIP
  7. johnnyboy316

    Is there a drum set you would like back ?

    I never should have traded my three-piece Slingerland, made in '67, 14x20, 9x13, 16x16, 5.5x14, in Black Sparkle. The sparkles were lavender in color. I later added an 8x12, but there were three times the sparkles in the wrap (which I liked, but didn't match).
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    Yep, you're right about Paul playing the cowbell. I assumed it was Ringo, because he liked to play other percussion instruments on Beatles recordings. He played bongos on "You Can't Do That" besides his drums.
  9. johnnyboy316


    Ok, here's my favorite: "You Can't Do That" by The Beatles. I will bet, Ringo was hitting a Ludwig cowbell.
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    This question may have been asked before, but I will ask it again. What is your one favorite (repeating, ONE) favorite recording, featuring a cowbell, setting the pace of the hit song? I'll answer my own question later.
  11. johnnyboy316

    Dino's Snare Drum

    My favorite set of his was his silver sparkle Ludwigs with the black center stripe.
  12. johnnyboy316

    Your favorite full album

    ONE album - Blood, Sweat, & Tears, by Blood, Sweat & Tears
  13. johnnyboy316

    Dino's Snare Drum

    Yep. I think you're right. Thanks! Don't know much about 'em. Would like to know everything about this particular model and if it's even available. Maybe Dino owns the only one on the planet!
  14. johnnyboy316

    Dino's Snare Drum

    My all-time favorite rock drummer is Dino Danelli. Does anyone out there know ANYTHING about this signature snare?
  15. johnnyboy316

    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Louie Bellson, Joe Morello, Sonny Payne, Dino Danelli, and Ringo
  16. johnnyboy316

    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Remember guys, ONE bassist. I would like to jam with Jim Fielder, (B,S,&T)
  17. johnnyboy316

    Drum Kit(s) You totally Regret Selling

    My second set of drums was a Slingerland 4-piece, 14x20, 16x16, 9x13, and 5 1/2x14 Artist snare. Made in the Spring of '67, it had a black sparkle cover, with lavender dots. I decided to add an 8x12, and was disappointed that there were 3 times as many lavender dots, but mounted it anyway. I had...