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  1. MusicianMagic

    Cymbals to be used with drum mutes

    I want to setup my first drum set with rubber drum mutes for quieter practicing. I don't want to move the cymbals from my main kit. So that means using either the starter cymbals that came with that kit (which don't sound as good as trash can lids) or purchasing some better used cymbals just for...
  2. MusicianMagic

    Iron Cobra Confusion! 600, 900, Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3

    I own an Iron Cobra 900 Single Pedal (HP900RN) but now looking for an Iron Cobra Double pedal. My 900 is the newest version as I got it new about a year ago. Actually was going to buy the lower model but got it with a big discount (it was open box, missing the paperwork & the drum key but I...
  3. MusicianMagic

    ??? on cracked bass drum hoop

    I just bought a used set of Tama Silverstar drums. The bass drum hoop has a crack. Its not all the way down but it looks like for half the width of the hoop it is thru to the other side. Also you can see that they did put glue on the crack. Like they just dumped the glue into the crack. They did...