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    What's your favorite auxillary percussion item?

    :blink: numble finggers...
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    What's your favorite auxillary percussion item?

    You thinking Libra-Slap? I'm in!
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    What to do with rusted stands...

    I'll probably risk being pilloried but fine grade steel wool works wonderfully, use it frequently for this situation. Make sure you're using 000 or 0000 to avoid most (!!??!!??) permanent marks. If it's more rust than coating, maybe start with a lower grade to knock of the really bad stuff...
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    DIY cymbal/snare rack

    PVC works well also...
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    Found Please Delete WTB rock tour custom Yamaha

    I have a Hot red kit that I might part with. Turbo sizes, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16 (floor) 22 (reso head not included); 13 & 16 not in photo. Offer without a "2" in front will be ignored.
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    22" K light ride

    If this one doesn't work out, I have one I would part with.
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    NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Steel Piccolo 3.5x14 snare, 2020

    I bought a custom made walnut stave shell for mine that looks good & sounds good. Just remember, if you buy a 6" deep shell, the actual drum depth will be about 7 1/4". Also keep in mind you only need one bearing edge - the snare head is mounted to the free-floater's frame
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    FOUND----Yamaha, Roland etc bass drum pad/trigger

    I have a DTX real wood that i could sell reasonably. had to "manufacture" a riser but works well. Looks like you might be in Washington so shipping wouldn't be terrible from central California. Pics if you like before making me an offer...
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    I have a question about cymbals they play by hand in church

    Hand cymbals with handles (wood or leather) should be played with opposing up & down motions, not clapped together like hi hats. Hand cymbals with handles are generally "heavier" (e.g thicker with little taper) than stick-played. Hand cymbals played with the hand (as you would with a stick)...
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    Bass reso head without brand logo?

    Inexpensive generic black no-logo reso heads on eBay. Has been a while but bought a pair for under $30
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    Bass drum single tom mounting post with 1" downtube (Found Pending)

    Don't have anything to sell but check Tama; I'm fairly certain those are all 1" tube
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    How many songs do you play in a gig?

    8 - 10 songs per set. Nearly every song we play has an extended arrangement
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    Brand New Crush Aluminum Snares on Blow-out for $146.37 on Reverb

    I have a Crush cast copper snare that is awesome! Unless I need a different sound, I seldom use any other snare
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    "Heard It In A Love Song" Marshall Tucker Band

    Marshall Tucker & Little Feat don't seem to get as many accolades as are deserved
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    Updated 4/21 - Memory Clamps - free for postage

    I could use a couple of 3/4" if you still have them
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    Cell or Tablet Holders

    Lots of options from the cycling world; I use a handlebar clamp-on vs. clip - my opinion, it's more stable.
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    Inexpensive Direct Drive pedals

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    WTB lower end cymbal setup

    Wish you were closer to CA., I acquired some cymbals with a kit that are an odd bunch; couple inked with Zildjian logos but no stamp, one or two unmarked. Left them in the hard case last summer, haven't looked at them since.
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    Pearl FF - "How deep is your drum?"

    I don't recall offhand, but the frame adds 1.25" or 1.125" to the shell depth for an overall drum depth; changing shells is about as easy as changing a batter head. The is the older model with octagonal lugs which are no longer available. The "middle" vintage drums have round lugs (still...
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    Inde BR3 and BR2 mounts

    So these replace a drum's lug?