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    Vintage 1940's WAMCO "FDS" top sock hi-hat stand with unusual spun steel large cup 12" sock cymbals

    I've had this old hi-hat stand in my collection for a number of years now. It's an incredible hi-hat with direct-pull action, solid brass tubing, high-quality machined adjustment collar and clutch assemblies. I've seen stands just like this with the "TOP" logo stamped into the footboard. This...

    Vintage 1980's CANNON mega-deep 8x14" snare drum

    Bought this really cool "Cannon" brand snare drum today. It seems to me that I saw an advert for these Cannon drums in a 1980's Modern Drummer issue. It's a really cool drum with twenty generic lugs, and a deep 8" x 14" keller shell. The really cool thing about this drum is that it has a Fibes...

    1971 Ludwig 6-1/2 x 14" Acrolite Snare Drum

    I picked this drum up locally in a music store here in Maryland. The serial number is # 886462, and it has a date stamp of " MAR 1 1971" stamped on the inside. The words; " Board Of Ed. NYC 1971" are sloppily handwritten in ink on the inside. This drum looks terrific and it sounds great, but...

    Found a vintage 1970 Ludwig thermogloss maple 24" bass drum today

    Found this in a local music store today. Serial number is # 824476 with a factory date stamp of Nov 9 1970.. Finish is factory thermogloss maple lacquer. 3-PLY shell with natural maple interior. This is a "Virgin" drum, never drilled for tom-tom or cymbal holders. The maple finish is showing...

    A re-purposed 1973 Bowling Ball Blue Oyster snare drum

    This drum started life as a factory original Ludwig 10 x 14" concert tom (see picture). I sent the shell to Jack Lawton, and Jack did an amazing job of cutting the shell down to 5", and then he drilled the shell for eight lugs, a P-85 strainer, a butt plate, and a internal muffler. Jack did an...

    1st Generation Ludwig ATLAS cymbal stands

    At long last, I found a beautiful pair of matching vintage Ludwig model 1402 "Atlas" cymbal stands. These stands are the earlier first generation versions. I have included some photos of the two cymbal stands, then a shot of a pair of tripod bases, the taller tripod on the left is the later...

    Vintage 1967 Gretsch 5x14" Aqua Satin Flame snare drum

    Picked up this amazing snare drum in New Jersey last week. When I took the drum apart, the aqua satin flame finish (ASF) was discolored and stained, with dust embedded into the grooves. I attempted to use Simple Green and a small tooth brush, but it only took some of the dust off. In the area...

    Interesting 1960's Meazzi Hollywood Tronic Drum Set

    I recently bought this Meazzi "Tronic" 5-piece drum set from a fellow collector in New Jersey. The set is factory finished in Meazzi "Black Oyster" pearl. Sizes are 14x20" bass drum, 16x16" floor tom, 9x14" and 9x13" rack toms, and a matching 5x14" snare drum. The bass drum and the snare drum...

    The rarest drum in the world

    Premier made one or two of these drums for their endorsees. The finish is solid, bubblegum pink. Laquer painted on the inside and the outside. Ten lugs, parallel snare mechanism with original Premier snare wires, and original Premier bottom snare side head. The hoops are Premier die-cast models...

    Slingerland 70's Red gloss drumset

    This set showed up on ebay today. My friend, mr fathead is selling it. My question to you, the members of the drumForum, how many Slingerland drums have you seen in this color? I personally have seen blue, white, and black, but the red and yellow gloss kits are very elusive and rare. Whats your...

    English Rogers Dyna found in local GC

    How rare is this? A English Rogers Dynasonic!! It comes with a matching English Rogers 22,13,16, all in factory WMP....

    Unusual 60's Zim-Gar of Brooklyn cocktail drum outfit

    Check this out....I recently came across a gorgeous Zim-Gar cocktail outfit. I've never seen Zim-Gar's wrapped in satin flames.

    Camco drums made in Chanute, Kansas

    How rare are the Camco drums made in Chanute?

    1956 Gretsch 16x18" copper mist floor tom

    check it out, my friend, mrfathead bought this locally in PA. A 16x18" gretsch copper mist floor tom

    One-owner 1941 Ludwig & Ludwig Drum Outfit

    Found this incredible drumset in my own neighborhood. The set has been sitting in an attic for over 70 years! Amazing and stupendous are words that would describe the condition of these shells and their accessories.

    CL Maryland find! Purple diamond pearl!!

    Local CL produced this sleeper....covered over in horrible contact paper, we found a 9x13", 14x20", 16x16" with nearly perfect purple diamond pearl underneath. Notice the oversized Rogers logos on the bass drum and the floor tom. Got all the parts in a box, including b&b lugs, tall hoops, swivo...

    Extremely odd Zildjian Ride cymbal...need help

    I found this very odd Zildjian ride cymbal in a local music store last week. It's basically a Avedis Zildjian 20" Ride cymbal, with an extremely large, flat-topped center bell. According to the hidehitters website, the large stamped logo is a 60's variety. If anybody can give me some info, I...

    Buddy Rich Orchestra Hand Painted Poster - value??

    This is HUGE poster, it measures 40" tall x 27" wide, and is painted onto sturdy poster cardboard stock. There are a few chips around the edges, but it has never been folded or bent in half. There is a small photo of Buddy that is glued onto the surface of the sign. I am trying to determine a...

    1959 Ludwig brass finish 5x14 transition badge SD

    I came across this transition badge Super Ludwig in the rare, brass finish. Pretty cool

    Foust Music Store Is Gone ( Milwaukee, WI. )

    Well, it finally happened. Bill Foust passed away in the beginning of October. Apparently, he fell ill a few weeks before that, and he was put into the hospital. Hi family must have figured out that he wasn't coming back, so they started the procedures to liquidate his assets, even before he was...