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  1. VintageUSA

    OT -- Breaking News

    Attention: April Fools Day is cancelled this year because no prank can measure up to the crazy shyte happening in the World right now.
  2. VintageUSA

    OT -- Us + Them

    I saw this Wednesday night -- not what I expected -- but I enjoyed it. I thought I was going to see a Pink Floyd documentary.........turned out to be concert footage of Waters' current band playing a gig in Rio.........outstanding video and audio make this movie a pleasure too see and hear...
  3. VintageUSA

    No Work

    Hello DFO Friends: Two weeks from tomorrow (after 37 years and two months), I will retire from full-time work. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, and above all, financially, I think I'm ready. But you don't know what you don't know ! I know people that love retirement and people that...
  4. VintageUSA

    Ludwig Maple/Birch Shell Packs

    Ludwig 6-ply maple and birch (b/b/m/m/b/b) with natural gloss birch finish and mini-keystone lugs. Flawless condition 2012 Epic series.............never gigged -- never out of a controlled climate -- pro sound for half the money. 10/14/22 = $350 12/16/22 = $350 All of above = $700...
  5. VintageUSA

    Great Ride Cymbal

    I'm always in the market for a new ride be used for classic rock covers. I don't ever use a wash sound; I do love a nice clean ride sound and a bell that is not difficult (too small). What, IYO, is the best ride out there right now ? I confess: I currently play a 1973...
  6. VintageUSA

    For Everyone Near Denver

    Just got this................ Rupp's Drums Presents... TODD SUCHERMAN Call 303-756-5777 For Tickets TODAY!
  7. VintageUSA

    Gibralter Rack

    Used Gibraltar rack for sale -- Front Section plus one Side Wing (straight pipe) -- very good condition. Includes nine (9) Gibraltar clamps for cymbal booms or tom holders (which cost $20 each when purchased new). All of it for $130 cash & carry.............or expertly packed and shipped...
  8. VintageUSA

    Survey from MF

    I received a survey from Musicians Friend that suggested the first "X" number of people that completed the survey (requiring 5 minutes) would receive a $5 gift card. In addition to collecting age, gender, location, frequency of purchases, etc., there were a number of questions asking if you...
  9. VintageUSA

    Pro Sound for Half the Money

    For sale: Ludwig Epics -- Birch & Maple 6-ply -- B/B/M/M/B/B -- natural birch gloss finish. Flawless condition -- never gigged -- always in climate controlled environment. Beautiful mini-Keystone lugs and smoky chrome. Stock heads replaced with coated Emps and PS3 batters. Six piece...
  10. VintageUSA

    Shipping Costs

    What should we expect these days in terms of costs to ship a 3-pc. (bass, floor tom, rack tom) shell pack in a single box and insured ?
  11. VintageUSA

    Ludwig For Sale

    Ludwig Epic (2-ply birch over 2-ply maple over 2-ply birch) flawless 7-piece shell pack. Natural Birch gloss finish: Rack Toms = 7.5X10 & 8X12 Floor Toms = 14X14 & 16X16 2 Bass drums = 18X22 Matching snare = 6.5X14 Never gigged -- no scratches or dings -- like new. Stock heads replaced with...
  12. VintageUSA

    Batter Head Experiment

    Starting about two years ago, I decided to try some different batter heads...............I had been using Remo clear Emps on my toms for years. I went from those to Aquarian Studio 2 clear, Studio 2 coated, Focus X coated, Aquarian American Vintage coated, Remo Pinstripe...
  13. VintageUSA

    Snare Drum Rescue

    Slingerland 6-lugger "student" model; Found it in 1978 (literally) in a pile of trash; Hardware, chrome, and throw in good shape; Snare wires and both heads broken; Finish was white lacquer; Took it apart and hand-sanded down to wood; Discovered 3-ply maple with re-rings; Discovered date stamp...
  14. VintageUSA

    Drummer Bios

    I just returned from a vacation wherein I read two drummer autobiographies; Nick Mason and Bill Bruford. Both are very good, very different, and recommended good reading for drummers and other interested musicians.
  15. VintageUSA

    Video State Fair Set

    Raw and unedited GOPRO video of our set at the state fair last week. The sound is decent if not great. We were hired (as the opening act for Ratt) to play a 45-minute set of classic rock covers. Certainly not flawless, but we had a lot of fun..........all (positive and negative) comments welcome :
  16. VintageUSA

    Gig Photo

    Below is good shot of my band from our gig Wednesday night -- we were hired to be the opening act for RATT at our State !
  17. VintageUSA

    Ludwig Centennial Zepp Set for 9 C-notes ?

    And no tax and free this a good deal ? A friend bought one of these kits last year and he loves it. He says the shells arrived in flawless condition and the tone is great. One thing that surprised me.................the sparkle finish is not a wrap but rather like a...
  18. VintageUSA

    Big Gig Set List

    My cover band was selected to be the opening act for RATT at our State Fair next month. We play local clubs and private corporate parties, so we do have a lot of danceable music on our song list.............but for this gig we are pulling out the heavier stuff. We play a short set of only 45...
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    Notice to Anyone Near Denver

    Dennis Chambers is playing a clinic in your town tomorrow....................FYI.
  20. VintageUSA

    Ludwig Epic Double-Bass Kit

    Ludwig Epic (birch/maple/birch) flawless 7-piece shell pack: RT = 7.5X10 & 8X12 FT = 14X14 & 16X16 2 Basses = 18X22 Matching snare = 6.5X14 Never gigged -- no scratches or dings -- like new. Stock heads replaced with new Remo Emps, Ambos, and PS3s. All shells for $700.................half...