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  1. zapglenn

    Sonor Force 2005 8" and 14" toms

    Looking for Sonor Force 2005 toms in wax cherry fade 8" and 14". Ideally up top, realistically --- looking for these toms in birch so 2005,2007, essential - any wax finish, always price motivated, just the shells, whatever, I'm easy.....
  2. zapglenn

    Remo roto toms - 18". 16" and 12"

    Put them on eBay, if someone here wants them shoot me an offer. Not sure on how brutal shipping would be?? Cheers, Glenn
  3. zapglenn

    I have a chance to buy a used Ludwig Element SE

    I'm looking for some advice on a used kit I'm interested in. I was checking here and quite a few members have these kits. It's the Ludwig Element SE in Citrus Mod (22,12,14 and 14sn)- I think the price is fair and I'm digging the sound. My questions are 1)What is the chance of finding a matching...