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  1. FreakyZ

    New Practice Pad Day

    Bought 2 of these and showed up today. Nice lil pad.
  2. FreakyZ

    Im thinking about buying a Electronic Drum Set .... Ok buying

    I am thinking of getting a electronic drum set ..... Im buying. I am looking for input, advice. I am thinking this Roland TD-17 KV V-Drums Electronic Mesh Drum Set My reasons are, I think it will help me expand as a drummer. I can play more as I can control the volume or use headphones...
  3. FreakyZ

    Cymbal upgrade question

    I am wanting to upgrade my cymbals I thought I would take the ones I have and put them with my cocktail kit. So my question would be would I be better off to buy individual cymbals or a cymbal pack right now I got a Sabian SBR ride and a meinl HCS hi hats crash and splash these where in a pack...
  4. FreakyZ

    Quiet practice

    Well I sat down last night about 5:50 to practice, put on ear muffs and went to town, at a lil after 7 my wife walked in the door said hello and I can hear you outside with the windows up and radio on. No coment on if it sounded good ..... just that it can be heard, lol
  5. FreakyZ

    Hearing protection

    I am sure this has been asked before. I have a question about hearing protection I have been a carpenter for over 30 years so I'm familiar with hearing protection as I already have a ringing in my ears 8-9 days a week 27 to 28 hours a day. I wonder what other people use I have these that I use...
  6. FreakyZ

    Hello ... new member intro

    Hello, Zeek here and I am new to drumming. I played piano as a kid and I have always had a guitar but struggled to get a handle on it resulting in periods of non playing. About 4 yr ago something clicked and it started to come together, Wow how kool that was. I am limited, lol. I play...