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    Yamaha Club Custom 12” Black Swirl Tom

    Excellent condition Yamaha Club Custom 12” Tom in Black Swirl. Will post pics later. $350 plus shipping from 93311. Thanks and stay safe!
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    Yamaha 8000 6.5x14 Tour Custom Snare (Redwood) $250+shipping

    Hello- purchased this for a kit that didn’t happen. In good shape- just needs some clean up. Unoriginal wires. $250 plus actual shipping. Shipping from 93311. Would go nicely with bconrad’s kit...‘80s-burnt-orange-rare-sizes.173696/
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    SOLD. DW MDD Single Pedal & Hi Hat Stand

    Low hours of use on this set of DW MDD single bass drum pedal and matching hi hat stand. Comes with all contents and original boxes, if I can find them. Retail is around $1k, so how about $600 for the pair. Buyer pays shipping.
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    *FOUND*Paiste Light Dark Ride- 21” or 20”

    Looking for a 21”, but would definitely be interested in a 20” as well. Would like the condition to be excellent and up, please. :) Have a great day!
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    SOLD!!! (2) Shure Beta 87A Mics $100EA

    Hello- I’ve got (2) Shure Beta 87A mics collecting dust. No bags or extras-$100 each shipped.
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    SOLD $1700$ 1997 DW Short Stack Kit 8,10,12,14,16,22x14 BD,22x8 Woofer

    o So, here we have a rare 1997 DW short stack kit with woofer and May Mic System in both the BD and woofer-(2) D112’a included. 8,10,12,14,16,22x14 bass drum, 22x8 woofer. Includes the older RIMS mounts, “doobie” bars (to connect the woofer to the BD), and a (2) double braced DW stands with (4)...
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    Ludwig 14/10 Snare Drum Die Cast Hoops (both sides)

    If you have a set of 14” 10 lug batter and snare-side hoops, in good condition that you aren’t using, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Yamaha Club Custom 13” Black Swirl

    It’s a long shot, but if someone has one or sees one for sale, please let me know. Looking for 24,13,16, but would purchase 24,12,13,16,18- preferably with snare.
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    **FOUND please remove***Ludwig Altas Rail Mount

    I sold one and now need one...of course! Ha!
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    Ludwig Shell Mount Cymbal Holder

    Anyone have one of these lying around that they aren’t going to use? I bought a kit with the mount, but no cymbal arm.
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    **Paiste Twenty’s and Dimensions**

    22” Twenty Custom Metal Ride (great condition-fingerprints/could use cleaning) $300 15” Twenty Custom Metal hats (excellent condition) $325 Purchase both= $600 15” Dimensions Thin/Heavy (Bottom Only-excellent) $125 22” Dimensions Medium Heavy Wild Ride (Great condition- could use cleaning)...
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    ***SOLD***1940’s Slingerland Radio King Outfit 26, 13, 14, 16, 7x14 Super Krupa Snare. $1300 *SoCal Drummers

    Letting old Betsy go on the cheap. Need to sell quick to fund another purchase. Included are the original floor tom cradle and snare stand, although the snare stand is in poor condition. Radio King Super Krupa snare is in very good shape with original snare wires, which aren’t easy to find. The...
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    SOLD!!! *REDUCED PRICE*Paiste Set of 2002 Reflector Black Ink (22,19,18,15) Custom Order

    Up for grabs is a custom set of Paiste 2002 black ink with reflector finish in 22” ride, 18” and 19” crashes, and 15” medium hats. These sound great and look amazing on stage. Low hours of play, mostly storage/handling wear, but overall in excellent condition. These were a back up set of cymbals...
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    Paiste 15" Big Beat Hats

    Hello! 15" Big Beat hats in great used condition. No keyholing or fleabites. Moving up to 16s so these have to go. $285 plus shipping.
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    SOLD Pearl Demon Direct Drive Double Pedal w/EXTRAS P3002D

    Pearl P30002D with additional chain drives and cams. Low hours of use- 9/10 with only some minor surface scratches, as shown in pictures. You have plenty of options here, including 2 singles, if you wish. I purchased off Reverb for a different setup idea I had, but never went through with it...
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    *SOLD* Yamaha FP9D. Hardly Used- Plastic still on foot board!

    Only used maybe 30 minutes. Never removed the plastic from the foot board. I'll post pics later this evening. $300 plus shipping OBO.
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    SOLD Oriollo Seamless Copper Kit 22, 13, 16

    Hello! Yes, this is the kit that was recently sold, as there is only one in existence. This kit is nothing short of AMAZING in regard to resonance and low-end tuning ability. I truly don't think many kits can compare, so won't be sad if I have to keep. That said, a personal matter has come up...
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    ***Major Price Cut***4pc Craviotto Kit- Maple w/Inlay, BB edges: 24x14, 13x9, 16x16, 14x7

    Putting the feelers out... not sad if I have to keep ;). I will add some of my own pictures soon, but since this IS the exact kit shown on the Sweetwater site, it's pretty much in the exact same condition, but with different heads. Made in 2017, so not signed (obviously), but has old badges...
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    Yamaha Club Custom Black Wood 24, 13, (16) 18

    Very long shot, but if anyone sees a Yamaha Club Custom kit in Black Wood, sizes 24, 13, (16 and/or 18) I would be very interested. I really only want the 24 and 13, but expect to have to buy the floor tom as a shell package, and an 18 would be preferable over a 16. Thanks!
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    Ludwig Atlas Rail Mount

    Like new- got it in a trade and never used it. $85 plus shipping or best offer.