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    Yamaha Rock Tour Custom

    Posted reply in "Wanted" so will post here, too. Seven piece Hot Red RTC available for a limited time for $1,650.00. Can deliver 50 miles either side of I-80 from central California as far as Chicago in early October. > Bass: 22" x 16" > Rack Mount Toms: 10" x 10" / 12" x...
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    Restoration or rehabilitation; Recording Customs

    I have assembled a seven piece RC kit that is in need of a fair amount of refurbishment, meaning a repaint is going to be necessary. Since a repaint often diminishes the value of a kit, I'm giving some thought to using a non-factory color instead of attempting to replicate the original. I'm...
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    Masterwork - anyone have experience with or reviews?

    Hazelshould apparently is distributing these; some look interesting...
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    MISC Yamaha drums plus Pearl FF (copper & maple)

    Posting experiment for me... following drums are surplus in my studio: All prices please add shipping from California * Yamaha Recording Custom 8 x 8 tom, Stage White. Moderate rash, mostly lacquer deep; Model #TT908R ("JN" serial numbers series) $270.00 * Yamaha Oak Custom snare 14 x 5...
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    Misc. hardware (double pedal, rims mount snare stand)

    The following bits and pieces have been taking up space too long. Prices are plus shipping from California: * Pearl basic single chain double pedal, functional but well used $60.00 * Purecussion 12" rims mount $25.00 * Vintage sliding-grip basket snare stand $20.00 Pix will be posted...
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    Yamaha orphan drum assortment

    Putting up the following drums for sale; prices are plus shipping (from California): PayPal preferred. * Yamaha Oak Custom, NSD 085A - Black, 14" x 5", ten lug, Puresound Snares. Very good condition, lightly used Evans heads (coated G2 batter, Hazy 300 snare) $240.00 * Yamaha Recording...
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    Dilemma - playing vs. conducting

    I've assembled a reasonably accomplished group of musicians, enough so that we are seriously considering arranging some classical / baroque music for the band, in addition to working more on arranging some of the works a couple of the folks have written. We have an eclectic group and set list...
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    Short tom legs; 16" preferred

    Seems like manufacturers these days feel their floor toms are supposed to be shoulder high (bit of an exaggeration). I'm looking for short legs for my Yamaha toms, though I'm not particular about brand. 16" seems ideal ideal total vertical height; Yamaha legs appear to be 10mm diameter...
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    Fans of Crush drums

    Just scored a Crush solid shell cast copper snare for an amazing price on the bay. Apparently the few US distributors are fire-saleing there remaining inventory. There appears to be a window of opportunity.
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    Traded! Thanks JonC!! YESS for non-YESS mounts

    I have two YESS ball-in-clamp tom arm mounts, looking to trade one or both, clamp for clamp, for non-YESS (long hex arm) mounts. Prefer the older cap-on-ball vs. the ball-in-clamp variety, but either will work as long as the trade pair match.
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    Premier owners; standard head sizes?

    From time to time, I've been tempted by one or another Premier kit. This may be an odd question, but among others, one consideration has been head sizes. Being of european origin, I'm interested to know if drums / heads are metric or english dimensioned. A little enlightenment please...
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    Conga hardware

    Bit off the wall for this forum, but does anyone here know a source for conga hardware? A big "Thank You" for any leads.
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    Keyhole? inexpensive & easy fix...

    Not sure if this has been tabled previously (I'm relatively new to DFO), and this may not be suitable for the purist, but is effective, but... Brass grommet attached - nominal affect on the cymbal, easy to install and replace, fits completely on / under the felt and doesn't require any further...
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    Might want to reconsider re-use of shipping containers...

    For those that buy & sell stuff across the country, allow me to share this thought: i usually save clean and serviceable boxes and packing material for shipping items I sell, but no more. Something from somewhere brought some hitchhikers along - I now have roaches in my garage!
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    Yamaha Rock Tour Custom fans

    In case anyone is looking, some guy on ebay has listed a Stage White RTC 14x8 snare. He has it listed as a "Custom" snare (that's how they were badged) - I'm willing to bet large that the model # is RSD 088, the RTC series designation. $220 doesn't seem to bad; not great but not bad. If it...
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    Yamaha guys; opinion on "crossover" 14" tom

    Over the last couple of years, I have assembled a pretty solid Rock Tour Custom set-up but have a "hole" I would like to fill. I have not been able to find a 14" x 12" tom so have been considering an older Stage Custom (similar high tension lugs) as an affordable substitute. From what I know...
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    RSD 088

    In case anyone is interested, saw a black RTC 14 x 8 listed on e-bay today. Also, I have a 12" x 12" cobalt tom in the closet if anyone needs one...