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  1. Powertone

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Murphy’s oil soap should clean the inside nicely and no harm the wood.
  2. Powertone

    Earthtone head logo removal and decal made?

    Gramps..... or.... if you have a good artist friend, you could match the color of the head, airbrush over the logo, and have someone reproduce the Jos B Rogers signature.
  3. Powertone

    Earthtone head logo removal and decal made?

    Gramps, that is a good question re removing the logo. Since it is a skin head, there would be no coating that would come off. Can you experiment with acetone on an old split calfskin? re your logo.... I would get a really good copy in the size you want and take it to a store that makes ink...
  4. Powertone

    R lug 1940s Rogers almost finished

    Gramps, you are making great progress! Just wow!
  5. Powertone

    Color to match vintage Gretsch walnut kit?

    I don’t think a minwax stain will cut it. You may have to use a die to get close and put a sealer coat on.
  6. Powertone

    WTB: Found. 80’s Gretsch Bass Drum lugs

    thanks! Will keep you posted.
  7. Powertone

    WTB: Found. 80’s Gretsch Bass Drum lugs

    Found! Thank you.
  8. Powertone

    1st Rogers Kit and DF thank you’s.

    Way to go Russ! Your first is a beauty, and in great sizes. Welcome aboard. And may be more Rogers in your future.
  9. Powertone

    FS: Montineri 3 3/4 X 14 Snare

    Bump with a price reduction.
  10. Powertone

    FS: Montineri 3 3/4 X 14 Snare

    Bored during this time of isolation and want a new drum/sound for your kit? This might be a great option for you. Montineri 3 3/4” x 14” snare drum. Classic black wrap that should look great with any kit. Excellent condition with 8 turret lugs and 5 ply shell. Ready to go. Great heads and...
  11. Powertone

    I was fortunate

    Very sorry for your loss. Sounds like you have a lot of great memories to cherish.
  12. Powertone

    Bearing Edge Snare

    Nice drum! Tell us more about the drum, such as construction and materials, etc. I remember the drums but not the details.
  13. Powertone

    question about Rogers snares

    The Swivo strainer shouldn’t make any difference in the sound, especially if the drum is a beavertail Luxor (which is not mentioned). If a beavertail drum, the original strainer would have been the Sta-Tite which is very similar to the Swivo and uses the same holes. Anyway you look at it, the...
  14. Powertone

    Nickel hardware

    Looks good. Be very careful with the buffing wheel. Nickel is a very soft plating and when polishing, you are actually removing the nickel itself. Even with simichrome. I have seen lugs that were buffed that removes most of the nickel plating.
  15. Powertone

    WTB: Rogers 14” Luxor Snare Hoops

    Looking for a nice set of Rogers hoops for a 14” Luxor snare, 6 lugs, top and bottom hoop. Thanks.
  16. Powertone

    Rogers 1955 Holiday Trifecta Complete

    Whoa Gramps! Well done! The first Holiday snare drum! I have never had the pleasure of seeing one in the flesh! True pieces of Rogers history.
  17. Powertone

    Need Value on a Rare Snare

    Well darn if that is the nicest NOB Pioneer I have ever seen. Still looks new! Where did you find that!!?
  18. Powertone

    SOLD! Leedy & Ludwig Concert Snare Reduced: $300!

    nice 15”! Bet it plays great. What are the gaskets(?) under the lugs? I haven’t seen that before.
  19. Powertone

    Dent repair on a 1930 nob snare

    You have to extremely careful in working with that kind of dent situation as you risk cracking the edge. I did read in another thread that it would need to be heated to repair the dent, resulting in a discoloring if the area.
  20. Powertone

    And then I sent it to Mike Curotto...

    Beautiful drum Scott! Enjoy and congratulations on your find.