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  1. bbunks

    What did Max Roach do?

    This thread has been active for a weeks now and as a participant, I get to say "thank you." You were pretty vulnerable and honest - much appreciated. Allowed me to write about and remember a musician who I got to meet, hear/see perform and who means a lot to me. Also allowed me to remember...
  2. bbunks

    What did Max Roach do?

    I was 25, Max was 57. I’m 63 now. He’s an example of being creative throughout an entire life - he never stopped growing. His small group work with Clifford Brown is text book modern jazz. His Freedom Now Suite came in the midst of the 60s Civil Rights movement. Free jazz duets with saxophonist...
  3. bbunks

    What did Max Roach do?

    To the comment of Max looking unemotional, all I can say is that he was a very warm and nice guy the two times I interviewed him. Here's a segment from a 1982 video interview I did with him about Art Blakey I saw him play 3-4 times - once sitting within next to his hihat. Amazing. And thanks...
  4. bbunks

    Progressive Jazz/Fusion. Where to head next.

    Of the same era, check out Return To Forever and Weather Report.
  5. bbunks

    Can We Talk About Using Vintage Instead of Modern Drums in Live Settings?

    Totally agree about the hardware. I have gigged with the '74 Slingerlands I bought in....1974 :-) I had them refurbished 10 years ago by Frank Lawton and replaced the bass drum spurs and floor tom leg brackets with Pearl hardware, and I use a RIMS mount for the toms. Haven't had a detuning...
  6. bbunks

    Turning 50

    I bought my 50 year old drums when I was 45. I had a close friend who dropped dead at lunch one day. He was only 48 years old and I said "why am I waiting?" I ordered the drums the day after he died. At the time, in 2002, my dream kit became a DW Collectors, Zebrawood exotic with a red fade...
  7. bbunks

    DW Collectors used price point

    It looks like a figured wood, which would make it an exotic, but it’s a little hard to tell from the photo. But I think that’s a fair price for the kit if it is and it’s in great condition (which looks to be the case).
  8. bbunks

    OT - computer speakers

    I have a 15+ year old pair of speakers and a small sub that I use with my computer for music listening - the old Harmon Kardon stick speakers. They're occasionally going out and I’m starting to research a replacement. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation? Thank you in advance.
  9. bbunks

    Alternative Live Onstage Drumset Position?

    I set up stage right with an 11 piece oldies group - it was easier for me to see cue’s during the gig. Loved it and had no issues with it.
  10. bbunks

    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    I wish VF would make the Freestyle model with a barrel tip.
  11. bbunks

    OT: Kia Soul Owners? Hertz Used experiences?

    My buddies and I used to say “the best all-terrain vehicle is a rental car.” And we drove them like one. Enough to keep me away from a purchase.
  12. bbunks

    Eagle Don "No Contest" Henley Wants Copyright Law Changed

    The law is outdated and should be reviewed.
  13. bbunks

    King Crimson - Now We Dance :-)

  14. bbunks

    311 Style Wood Snare Recommendations

    I thought he had been playing a 6.5x13
  15. bbunks

    Narada Michael Walden Joins Journey

    I did a radio interview decades ago with Schon and that was my experience. Conversely, we happened to catch Ronnie Montrose walking in for soundcheck and he couldn't have been more pleasant, more articulate and smarter.
  16. bbunks

    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Steve Gadd Art Blakey Billy Ward Max Roach Charlie Ringo (can’t keep it at 5)
  17. bbunks

    What Was The Last Rock Show You Saw?

    Weekend before lockdowns started I traveled to DC / Baltimore to hear music with a friend: March 6 - Steve Hackett March 7 - Cindy Blackman Santana Feels now like I got in under the wire and had my last concerts of the pre-Covid era.
  18. bbunks

    GIGS are ON!

    Too soon.
  19. bbunks

    Aluminum Snare Advice

    This comparison video was produced a few years ago by Josh at Rosemary Drums. None of the drums you mentioned are in this, but there are a couple that would be worth considering. In full transparency, the Solitaire and Slingerland used in the video are mine
  20. bbunks

    Massive Terry Bozzio DW kit for sale on eBay!

    I was at the first night of that tour in Chicago. Got to watch soundcheck and then "visit" the drum kit after that was done. It was a great show, Terry sounded amazing! I will say that by the end of the night I was wishing he had at least one standard crash cymbal.