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  1. cashmanbashman

    Black Beauty help please

    Could someone who knows Ludwig good go to Guitar Centers used site and tell me which of the Black Beauty’s is the best to buy. I’m thinking the first two but I know squat. Thanks
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    Bass drum head swap?

    I have this 22” Evans reso head And a 22” gloss black Aquarian reso Head with port I’m not using. I am in need of a 20” or 22” Remo black suede batter side head. A Evans Onyx or the Aquarian Equivalent works to. It’s a long shot but what the heck.
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    My cymbals for Offers

    I have the following, please make trade offers if interested or I have a want list at the bottom. 24” Paiste 2002 Big Beat, near new 22” Sabian Paragon, traditional 20” Paiste Rude power ride, new 16” Paiste Signature fast crash 18” K session crash 20” K custom dry ride 17” AAX Plosion fast...
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    figured it out
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    Sold remove

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    Pick one please
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    Local pick up only-argh

    I understand that shipping has gone up and that is no doubt to blame for the uptick in local pick up only listings. I also get that you get more looks listing on EBay and Reverb but why pay the fees for a local sale? Craigslist, Facebook etc.. is free to sell your items. I’m guessing most of...
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    Sold remove

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    19” AAX Frequency crash

    If anyone has a 19” AAX Frequency crash there not using I have some things I could trade for it. Thanks 14” AAX Cellerator hats, brilliant 19” AAX-plosion fast crash 18” K Session crash 17” K dark thin crash 12” Zildjian A special recording hats, redesign 20” K custom dry ride 14x5...
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    A copper snare- Found/Sold

    I would love to trade for a copper snare. I have only had one in my life, a Pearl Smitty Smith I think it was called? I never really had a chance to play it before moving it along. I have lots of gear and can’t list it all but here is some. 14x5.5 Ludwig Acrolite, players grade 14x4 DW...
  11. cashmanbashman

    I acquired this Ludwig snare recently

    It has no apparent flaws and sounds quite nice. Would anyone give me $500 to purchase it? Is it worth less? More? I have seen a comp but with different lugs so I am not sure they’re equal in value. Thanks
  12. cashmanbashman

    Sakae Road Anew

    I’m not well versed with this drum smith. I am wondering what the Road Anew line is akin to with the larger manufacturers. Is it like Tama’s Starclassic series or Ludwigs classic line etc.. It looks like there defunct and I’m having trouble finding info. Thanks
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    Tama players help me decide please

    I traded away my Starclassic kit last year and for the first time have not had at least one Tama made drum set. I don’t think I can get it back so I am looking at getting 1 of these two Tama kits. 1. S.L.P Big Black steel 3 piece 2. S.L.P Dynamic Kapur 6 piece The prices are really close and...
  14. cashmanbashman

    My Paiste/Zildjian for a 18” K dark thin or HH crash

    I am looking for a 18” K dark thin or Sabian HH thin crashes 17” or 19”. I have 20” Paiste Rude power ride near new 16” Paiste Signature fast crash 20” Paiste Signature Traditional medium ride etched logo 20” K dry ride, has flea bite
  15. cashmanbashman

    Zildjian K and Paiste Rude

    The 16” K is near new and the Rude and FX stack have less than a hour use on them. The stack works as hi hats or a trashy stack effect. There is a plastic quick mount that came with them. Shipping is included in the price within the states. PayPal for payment please. No trades for now 1...
  16. cashmanbashman

    My orphan or OCD inducing cymbal Project

    I have cymbals that were replaced within sets or acquired in trades that I put together on a kit. I did have to stick with just my Zildjian orphans so I didn’t go into convulsions from manufacturer mixing. Wouldn’t you know they don’t sound bad and kinda fit together. Anyone else have some...
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    PDP concept maple drums-SOLD

    I have these on Craigslist and thought I would post them here to. I will ship in the states at the buyers expense but shipping rates are up so it could cost a pretty penny. I am willing to drive 2 hrs in any direction from Sioux Falls SD to meet. I will trade for a Tama big black steel kit...
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    Pledge cymbal cleaner

    A while back I posted about the Paiste polish and how a supply chain issue has temporarily made it very hard to get. A Paiste rep suggested I use Pledge allergen in its place. I have tried it three times now and it works great. It also leaves a nice shiny protective coat. I spray it on the...
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    it’s hopeless, please remove
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    24” Paiste 2002 Big Beat-Keeping this

    I bought a set of Big Beats brand new and would love to trade the 24” for a 21” or 22” Big Beat in similar condition.