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  1. Powertone

    WTB: Found. 80’s Gretsch Bass Drum lugs

    Found! Thank you.
  2. Powertone

    FS: Montineri 3 3/4 X 14 Snare

    Bored during this time of isolation and want a new drum/sound for your kit? This might be a great option for you. Montineri 3 3/4” x 14” snare drum. Classic black wrap that should look great with any kit. Excellent condition with 8 turret lugs and 5 ply shell. Ready to go. Great heads and...
  3. Powertone

    WTB: Rogers 14” Luxor Snare Hoops

    Looking for a nice set of Rogers hoops for a 14” Luxor snare, 6 lugs, top and bottom hoop. Thanks.
  4. Powertone

    For You Rogers Folks

    Came across this aerial view of the Rogers plant ca. 1969. Rogers had moved most of it’s operations from this factory, to Dayton, around 1968. The final move of all operations to Fullerton was summer of 1969, when this photo was taken. If you have a Covington built Rogers, now you know what...
  5. Powertone

    Ludwig 90th Anniversary Black Beauty - REDUCED

    Ludwig 5x14 90th Anniversary Black Beauty. This drum is now 20 years old and has never been played or left the case. Only 90 of these John Aldridge engraved drums were made; this is 50/90. It includes the great leather plush lined case, all paperwork documentation, and a COA signed by WFL II...
  6. Powertone

    FOUND: Rogers COB Powertone - Cleveland

    I am looking for a very nice 5x14 Cleveland COB Powertone. The earlier the better. Thanks.
  7. Powertone

    Gretsch Spade Tom Arms - Long and Short

    Two tom spade arms. The short one is from a Gretsch and the long one is from a ??? Both should fit any W&A consolette tom mount. As a bonus, I am including part of a consolette mount. $45 shipped.
  8. Powertone

    SOLD Gretsch 60’s Cymbal L Arm

    Complete your 60’s-early 70’s Gretsch kit with this L arm. The L arm is in nice condition with good chrome. The knurled section does show some use, and includes a mounting diamond bracket with correct hole diameter for cymbal arm. The diamond bracket is in decent shape but is missing the wing...
  9. Powertone

    SOLD - WFL Super Classic and Millenium

    Cleaning out some parts and have a couple of strainers that need a home. WFL Super Classic strainer in really nice condition. Chrome. The face is nearly perfect, a little light pitting around top behind the knob. Strainer works fine. Could use a little cleaning and lube. Will include a...
  10. Powertone

    Ludwig 20’s-30’s Bass Drum Muffler

    Ludwig external bass drum muffler with double pads. Excellent condition. No rust, black lacquer is exc. I believe this to be 20’s-30’s due to the thumb screws. Would look great on a big old vintage bass drum. I am thinking $55 shipped via Priority Mail. .
  11. Powertone


    I am looking for a Rogers swivo pedal spring for a 60’s era pedal. Any help,is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Powertone

    Gretsch Gladstone Postcard

    Was going thru some old drum ephemera and came across this postcard advertising Gretsch Gladstone drums. Just thought I would share. Anyone on the forum have a Gretsch Gladstone? Would love to see some pictures.
  13. Powertone

    “New” Rogers B&B Lugs ?

    How well do the new Rogers B&B lugs fit? I don’t know that I have seen a definitive answer. Thought I read that the holes need to be enlarged for a wood shell. Anybody have experience with these?
  14. Powertone

    SOLD Rare NOS 15” GREEN Calf Batter with Box

    Here is a very unusual head for you vintage collectors. An unused 15” GREEN AMRAWCO calfskin Professional batter head with box. The box is still intact. It is very hard to capture the true green color, but the color is very rich, and has a slight metallic tint. This head may not be for...
  15. Powertone

    FOUND 14” Vintage Wood Snare Hoop

    i am looking for a 14” wood batter hoop - the type that used claws you would find on an old Rogers or Ludwig Marcher. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  16. Powertone

    SOLD Zildjian IAK K Jazz Ride

    SOLD! Thanks DFO! Here’s one you won’t see everyday and a must have for you IAK collectors. K. Zildjian 20” Jazz Ride pre serial number aka IAK. At 1882 grams, this one is on the lighter side for the Jazz Rides. Excellent condition. No key holing, no flea bites. Great stick articulation, a...
  17. Powertone

    SOLD Zildjian 60’s 18” Crash Ride with Rivets

    ON HOLD! Thanks DFO. Classic Zildjian 18” crash ride with rivets. I believe we are looking at a 60’s stamp. Great condition, no keyholing, a couple of flea bites. Great stick articulation but very crashable with that great sizzle. 1839 grams. Would be a great left side crash and ride...
  18. Powertone

    Zildjian 13” A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats

    Zildjian 13 A Custom Mastersound hi hats. Great all purpose hats. Very articulate and cut well. Medium top (929 grams) and heavy bottom (1010 grams). No issues. Great condition. Finger prints and a few scuffs. $145 shipped in U.S.
  19. Powertone

    WTB: Super Sensitive Snare Wires for 30’s Snare

    Looking for early set of adjustable Super Sensitive individually adjustable snare wires for a 30s drum. Thanks!
  20. Powertone

    Replacement Rubber Sleeves FOUND!

    I have seen these offered, but dont remember where. Looking for the flat replacement rubber sleeves for a Rogers snare stand basket. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.