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  1. Mendozart

    PM email notifications

    I noticed that I received a PM from a member today, but never received an email notification. Is this function still working?
  2. Mendozart

    WTB early Sabian HH 16" crash

    Looking for an early Sabian HH 16" crash and a 10" splash. I have a 17" crash that I may also use for a trade. Edit: 6-15-20 Splash found.
  3. Mendozart

    For sale: 18" Paiste Signature Full Crash *SOLD*

    Title says it all. Noticed a slight area where it doesn't sit flat, otherwise in great shape. $150, plus shipping. Edit: The area that doesn’t sit flat, is a slight dent. There is no crack though, and the cymbal sounds fine. This is one of the reasons I brought the price down. I’ve added another...
  4. Mendozart

    WTB DW cowbell holder clamp

    Anyone have one of these? I only need the clamp, don't need the L-rod. Thanks. Greg
  5. Mendozart

    Jeff Friedl/J-M in July issue of MD mag

    Dont know if you guys saw this, it was posted on FB. Jeff Friedl, drummer for Perfect Circle and The Beta Machine, gave a shout-out to J-M drums, in the July issue of Modern Drummer. He has incorporated some J-M/Blaemire concert toms into his Ludwig set up. Really solid drummer!
  6. Mendozart

    WTB Shure SM57

    Looking for a Shure SM57, anyone got one? Thanks. Greg
  7. Mendozart

    WTB Imperial lug gaskets

    Hey, I'm looking for 10 Ludwig Imperial lug gaskets, for snare drums. Thanks. Greg
  8. Mendozart

    Blaemire kit on ebay

    Wow, this is a huge kit! Better get your wallets out though! :wink: Seller says: " TURBO SIZES: 6X10, 8X12, 10X14, 12X14, 14X16, 16X18, TWO 22X18 BASS DRUMS. (NOTE THE FIRST #'S ARE THE HEAD SIZES, THE 2ND...
  9. Mendozart

    WTB DW piccolo tom

    I'm looking for a DW piccolo tom. The shell and hoop can be trashed, as I only want it for the lugs and tension rods. Thanks! Greg
  10. Mendozart

    Jenkins-Martin snares on

    Just wanted to give a heads up on some smoking deals on These are snares that were displayed at the Hollywood Drum Show, and are in perfect condition. The only thing that is even slightly used is the batter heads, with minimal stick marks. The blue snare is 5.5x14, 10-lug, and the...
  11. Mendozart

    WTB (6) DW tom lugs

    I need six DW tom lugs, help a DFO brother out. :icon_e_smile:
  12. Mendozart

    22" Sabian Cymbal bag SOLD

    I've got a 22" Sabian cymbal bag for sale. It has 5 dividers, straps to use as a backpack, and a pocket for a stick bag. Good used condition, no rips tears, etc.$50 shipped. Thanks.
  13. Mendozart

    WTB 16x16 Beato Pro 1 bag

    Anyone got one? Used is fine, thanks Greg
  14. Mendozart

    WTB 2 overhead microphones

    I'm looking for a couple overhead mics to be used for live gigs. They will be used in conjunction with my Beta 52 bass drum mic. Thanks. Greg
  15. Mendozart

    Dennis Wilson's monster Blaemire kit found!

    Today was a very surreal day for me. This all started a couple weeks ago at the NAMM show. It was early on Friday before the show started when Todd Trent told me I needed to go talk with a friend of his. He had a friend who says he has Dennis Wilson's monster Blaemire kit. Jerry Jenkins had...
  16. Mendozart

    Aluminum snares comparison

    With the Phantom, Dunnett 2N aluminum, George Way Aero, etc., I was wondering how all these aluminum snares compare to each other? I only have experience with a Ludwig 402, which is a bit different (chrome plated). What say you all? ;-)
  17. Mendozart

    Black Beauties......My versions

    I posted this pic on FB last night, thought I would share it here. This past weekend, at the Hollywood Drum Show, I received a gift from a very generous friend. It's a 6.5x14 Dunnett Ti snare drum, This is my first experience owning a titanium drum, and I like what I'm hearing. I had played some...
  18. Mendozart

    Tribute to Jerry Jenkins on Drumsmack

    Hey everybody, Just thought I would post this link to the Drumsmack show from this past Wednesday. There was a tribute to Jerry on the show, which included the interview of a longtime friend of Jerry's, Linda McDonald, and a skype interview of Jerry's son Scott Jenkins (drumjinxjr). It was a...
  19. Mendozart

    Trick throwoff w/ retroplate for Supra

    I recently replaced the Trick throwoff from my Ludwig Supra 402. This was used with the Domino retroplate to use with a Trick throwoff, to replace a P85. Works great, no extra holes, $50 shipped, paypal gift.
  20. Mendozart

    Blaemire "402"

    So, I picked up this drum from last years Chicago Show. It was wearing Rogers hardware, and was wrapped in BDP. The shell is almost 6.5" deep, so I wanted to convert it to a Blaemire 402. Jerry and I had always talked about how sweet it would be to have an entire original Blaemire kit with Flat...