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  1. pgm554

    Booger hanging out my nose?

    Check out Neil Young in Rust Never Sleeps. He's got a big coke lump stuck up his nose.
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    4th of July Sales Thread

    Nobody's got any stock. Go into a GC these days. Bare walls.
  3. pgm554

    Show Us Your Rides

    My cymbal porn collection
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    LP Banda Snare?

    Basically a drum and bugle corp snare. Loud,high pitched and plays like a Formica table top. I personally like it.
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    What's your MAIN snare drum at the moment ?

    Cheaper than the Kingbeat back in the day,but worth more today.
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    First drum clinic you went to and how it affected you

    John von Ohlen with Stan Kenton's band at Carnegie Mellon . The stage band had been playing a lot of his charts and I got to hear how they were meant to be played. John played Here's to that Rainy Day basically using only mallets. Got to hear what the 8/8 concept was about too. Probably a good...
  7. pgm554

    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    Glen was unique. He used to cut the bearing edges so sharp you could cut paper on them. Problem with that is that they used to collapse under drum head tension like the old Remo acousticon shells. I learned that burl wood was actually a defect in the trees from him. Knew a lot about wood ,but...
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    He quit the drum making biz because he was allergic to sawdust.
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    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    Can you say Glen Quan?
  10. pgm554

    Paste Blue Label 602 20" China Type

    From the ones I've played,they have a soft buttery feel when stuck and not an obnoxious pang. Problem seems to be durability as they are not meant to be beat to death. Fusion ride or occasional accent
  11. pgm554

    Seeking Flat or Smaller Bell Ride Suggestion, but Not for Jazz

    What are asking for the 22?
  12. pgm554

    Snare Drum Restoration

    He ruined that drum. The pièce de résistance is the SFT 690 throw. Retrofitting that snare with an ordinary throw is like putting bias ply tires on a Ferrari.
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    Seeking Flat or Smaller Bell Ride Suggestion, but Not for Jazz

    If you can find one ,Sabian 20 inch XS ride . Small bell,great wash and probably can be had for under a $100 used. They vary from cymbal to cymbal,so it pays to play it first.
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    I need a snare to hold me over...

    For about $99 bucks when on sale get a Yamaha Stage Custom 10 lug Steel Snare Drum. Does everything well.
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    Acetone warning!

    I used plain Windex one time on an Evans head and the results were not good. It stripped all the coating.
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    Age and Value of 4 x 13 Brass Piccolo Snare

    $100 to $150. Looks to be late 90's early 2000's. Brass is quite damaged,so expect low pricing.
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    Slight Drum Stick Rant; Customer and Quality

    Glad to see you're back at the store. Micah said you guys were short staffed at one point and the reason you guys were closed the last time I was down there. See you soon. PS back in high school ,Colaiuta had a pair drum sticks that were specifically made of unequal weights to balance the...
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    Emeryville Guitar Center looting part 2

    I liked the SP GC better.
  19. pgm554

    Attack Drum Heads Review

    Picked my first one up for $5 bucks on a lark. Starving was blowing them out and after trying them out,the qualty was just the same (and in some instances better) than the big boys. I've had Remo's with warped flesh hoops and Evans with coating stuck to the packing boxes.
  20. pgm554

    Attack Drum Heads Review

    Saw that,but not shipping until late July and it doesn't appear to be the same head. The one on that snare is single ply with a built in dampening ring.