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  1. equipmentdork

    Vintage Tama - Imperialstar - Perfect Percussion

    Wow! I wonder what kind of wood on the inside. Birch? Dan
  2. equipmentdork

    Vintage 60’s Premier...good drums/worth it?

    My primary concern would be whether or not they are metric sizes. I know that there's a lot of love for the birch and African mahogany shells. All my Premier drums, with the exception of a 70s 2000 snare and an 80s Project One, are 90s drums like Genista and Artist Birch. Dan
  3. equipmentdork

    UPDATE- my order from

    I had an issue with an item not being in stock/not made anymore (a Tama mic stand), and I was able to get someone on the phone, discussing the alternatives. I was actually able to get a higher-priced replacement at the same price as the discontinued item! I am a fan of Full Compass. They want my...
  4. equipmentdork

    Ex-Five Finger Death Punch Drummer Wants $25,000 for Tour Set

    Second only to Bozzio's kit for ease of setup and tear down. Dan
  5. equipmentdork

    Did the crisis bring an end to your band?

    All of the people in all of my bands are burning to play. We have all had gigs postponed or cancelled at the very last minute, which frustrated all of us, but we're in. I even have a few studio dates in the offing, which is good, because the main studio I work at just reopened. Dan
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    I signed it. Dan
  7. equipmentdork

    What did Max Roach do?

    I may have missed it elsewhere in this thread, but Max influenced other influential drummers like John Bonham. He quotes "The Drum Also Waltzes" at the beginning of his solo from the Royal Albert Hall concert on the DVD released in the early 2000s. Dan
  8. equipmentdork

    These Pearl Exports cleaned up nice

    Looks great! Exports have certainly come a long way since the 80s. A friend has one with the 2 piece lugs meant to look like the long MLX/BLX of the 80s. It's said to have birch as an inner ply and they record fantastically! Dan
  9. equipmentdork

    Our latest piece

    It's like that worldwide. I've had no less than 5 gigs cancelled at the last possible minute, along with one gig booked at the beginning of the lockdown, which I thought was odd...and then cancelled anyway. Since February, I have played 3 songs, having sat in with my gf's 80s band at an outdoor...
  10. equipmentdork

    How do you promote your band ?

    Facebook, You Tube, Instagram. They work and bring people. Fliers are nice to have at the club, but unless you have regulars there, no one will see them. Dan
  11. equipmentdork

    Our latest piece

    You guys have that retro-80s sound nailed. It's a new song, sure, but I hear elements of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, Icicle Works, Flock of Seagulls, etc. Maybe some Killers sprinkled on top? I like this band's sound a lot. Dan
  12. equipmentdork

    Buying and/or selling equipment with no gigs in sight

    I've had so many 11th hour reschedulings and cancellations this month that I'm going nuts on both FB and band websites trying to keep it all current. I'm only buying the basic things like heads, etc. I have one snare drum project other than that, which can take as long as it needs to. Dan
  13. equipmentdork

    Drum company names

    FIAT = Functionally Inadequate As Transportation (j/k) Dan
  14. equipmentdork

    Your Survival Cymbal Setup

    For that limited setup, I would change up my ride to either a 20" 602 Medium or a Resigned Zildjian A Ping....because you can crash them. The crash would be an 18" Sabian Medium-Thin Crash or Paiste Medium...because you can ride on them. Hats have to be 14" New Beats, because you can get...
  15. equipmentdork

    Slight Drum Stick Rant; Customer and Quality

    They're probably not, but neither do I want to introduce yet another imbalance...I need all the help I can get! :) BTW, I have bought from your store years ago and have an old "Use an accordion, go to prison. It's the law!" bumper sticker. Dan
  16. equipmentdork

    Drum Ads Seared Into Your Memory

    Always like this one. I actually use the expression "In a word?" all the time. Here's the Tama ad. Actually, mold WILL, in fact, grow on Tama stuff. It's happened to me. Dan
  17. equipmentdork

    Steve Maxwell-Pillow Practice Pad

    I've dealt with Steve. Great guy and great player, but that thing looks like a dog toy. And you guys got DW all wrong: their pillows would be 500 years old and dredged up from some lake in Michigan. Dan
  18. equipmentdork

    Worst stage you ever played on.

    A popular restaurant tried the cheap way to put in a stage, a bunch of those removable stage riser pieces. Of course, the place we needed to set up in was where tables are, so we had to wait not only for the patrons to leave, which seemed like would never happen , but also for the staff to...
  19. equipmentdork

    The "Royalty" ride

    I'm surprised that Paiste didn't try to one-up Sabian and issue their own version. I mean, geez, it's their product. Dan
  20. equipmentdork

    Thoughts on Sonor Delites? Edit: NEW KIT DAY

    I heard a kit like Nacci's at Manny's in the early 2000s. In fact, it was right next to a Tama B/B kit. Those Tamas sounded awesome, but the Delites were even better. I remember the attack of the toms being nearly insane. One day, I may pick up a square badge kit. Dan