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  1. clowndog

    Craig Lauritsen 20 (Elvin) and 19 HSB ride pair ($750.00 shipped) (These are SOLD)

    Bummer I missed this over the weekend. Nice stuff!
  2. clowndog

    ChromaCast Drum Bags

    Beato Pro 1's are rainproof and fire resistant. Lifetime warranty. Ahead is two years I think. I've had some that were used for 20 years without issue gigging. Battle tested- and you are supporting a sweetheart of a guy out of California (Fred, the owner).
  3. clowndog

    SOLD - Leedy Multi Model Snare Drum

  4. clowndog

    Gretsch Broadkaster snare mare!

    Dispute with your credit card at this point? Can you get a letter from a professional drum builder who can state this is inferior quality workmanship as a supporting document to your CC? I wouldn't let that be their answer.
  5. clowndog

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Agree, but I have found some anomalies. Even late 20's Leedy snares were typically painted interior with wraps, but I have two wrapped ones that are natural inside from then. I also have a WMP Broadway 1941 with this same badge that is natural maple interior. This drum should be right before...
  6. clowndog

    First ROGERS reissue drum set demo (Maxwells)

    I'll keep my Sakae Trilogy's, thank you.
  7. clowndog

    Interesting changes to PayPal's Account User Agreement coming July 31st

    Can we consider just using Venmo for transactions here?
  8. clowndog

    Can We Talk About Using Vintage Instead of Modern Drums in Live Settings?

    Getting a bit off topic, but it is why I love my Sakae Trilogy kit so much. Vintage type sound without hassling with the old hardware.
  9. clowndog

    “Dragon’s breath”

    The extreme bow profile seems to support a much higher chance of having this sound imo.
  10. clowndog

    Any update on the Leedy?

    Any update on the Leedy?
  11. clowndog

    SOLD - Leedy Multi Model Snare Drum

    To the top.
  12. clowndog

    Only 2 bass drums...

    I'm also 20" and 24"
  13. clowndog

    Would You Re-Wrap These?

    The sparkles were made of metal back then that therefore could oxidize. I’ve found that some spots can be cleaned off for those metal flakes that landed too close to the surface and had some tiny outlet to the air. Clean the pocket out so to speak. I think it is that and a combination of the...
  14. clowndog

    Snares that don't match the kit...

    I have a handful of really cool snares that really don’t look good since I got my Champagne Sparkle kit more recently. It ultimately doesn’t matter, but I’m also not playing out.
  15. clowndog

    Holy Crap - Shipping International Is Insane

    It’s the lack of flights right now. Rates are 4-8x higher than they were six months ago. International transit rates are changing weekly and have been very volatile.
  16. clowndog

    Sabian HH 21" Viennese Brand NEW

    I don't trust my scale, as it has been acting up even with new batteries. It shows 2850 grams. Seems about right. I remember around 2800 grams when I checked in the past.
  17. clowndog

    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    Stainless Steel. Iron hoops are heavier/denser sound. Haven’t tried the aluminum ones.
  18. clowndog

    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    Could look at the Angel hoops. I have a Segment Jarrah (very hard wood) shell 7x14 snare from O'Neill that came with die-cast hoops. The Angel hoops allow an amazing crack that is more woody/less metallic on a wood drum, and deliver the best cross sticks in the business. They also allows the...
  19. clowndog

    Recommended Ride Cymbal for Small Jazz Kit?

    Are you looking to buy more than one ride cymbal? Being a new drummer, you may decide to branch out to learn/play other styles than just jazz. If you get a light, full wash ride cymbal it may be problematic if you want to play something else. Just a thought.
  20. clowndog

    Going to DaVille for the Snare Drum Build

    Agree with the thick shell and a sharper edge for your request. I don't know if they can order, but Campro throw offs and buttplates are amazing, and pretty unheralded. Not sure why they haven't gotten much airtime, as they are very impressive. I love that you can remove the bottom head, and not...