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    Finishing inside single-headed drums

    Formby's tung oil is extinct, so Watco Danish Oil.
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    Why Precision?

    Precision is the best!
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    Strange t-rods ID...

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    drums with head bigger than diameter...

    "You throw the ball to first base." "Then who gets it?" "Naturally."
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    Happy 420 from Buddy

    I never went from grass to hard stuff, but there have been some who did. It didn't effect Buddy's drumming, but he got high easily.
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    New INDe ultralight spurs

    I have the INDe BR2 and BR3 brackets. They is so cool! You do a fill around the toms and they all start bouncing, one after the other. Almost like the wave at Oakland Coliseum in 1981. I like INDe products.
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    Happy 420 from Buddy

    I smoked weed with Buddy, back in 1983. West Orange Health Club. They had a great bar for a health club. Some of the early 80's Afghani.
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    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    I was just joking around. Relax snowman.
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    drums with head bigger than diameter...

    "I'm the "owner" of both threads on the different forums" I thought so. How you doing Luca? Didn't HiPercussion make extended head drums? Maybe not. I'd love to find an old OTT drum. "slap six thick gaskets...." Say that fast five times!
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    drums with head bigger than diameter...

    This is a fun thread now happening on two different forums. Feels like a "Who's on First" skit!
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    "All woods sound the same" - is this a new song?

    "When someone makes an absolutist statement it is generally wrong." You're wrong.
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    OT - Dealing with a loss

    Losing someone you love is never easy. You wish you said this, you wish you'd done that. Never easy. Sorry for your loss.
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    Drowning of the Llama.

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    HAROLD "Doc" WEST... 1951 tom mounting

    Barnacle glue?
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    How to protect Gretsch paper label during re-spray of inside of shell

    Just leave the original finish as original as possible.
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    Older Drum Museum video......some nice stuff......check out those pedals (and drums).

    I haven't watched the video but it's in Cegléd, Hungary. Near Budapest. I have a friend in Hungary that knows the owner of this collection. Nice!
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    Mystery snare (European)

    Pre-1958, Pre-Premier era. I am positively Boonky.
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    Mystery snare (European)

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    Anyone a member on vintage drum forum?

    VDF has a few cast offs from here. One keeps begging to get back on DFO.
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    Updated: Which one of these kits should I go with as my only kit?

    Only one drumset? Stop kidding around!