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  1. ToBBa

    Drum company names

    Alot of the older British drum companies also use surname or family names like: Dallas Arbiter J. Grey & sons Boosey & Hawkes Deans & son
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    BREAK OUT THE PICS... Lets see your SOLID 1 ply Snare Drums!

    I present to you 1ply maple clown puke pearl. And also 14x6.5 1ply maple in another crazy pearl finish. This one is a hodge podge of parts, Leedy lugs, Premier die-cast hoops etc.
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    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Yeah, and i mean it's not like it's all fantasy. This pattern of full dress is in the 41 leedy catalog so it's not entirely un-realistic Even tho i don't think i have ever seen a leedy with Beavertails with full dress, it's mostly the earlier Broadway with the x lug and earlier snares. Any one...
  4. ToBBa

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    So i have now cleaned the inside with a soap solution. Pine-sol is not available here in Norway so i used a similar Norwegian product. Had to go over it 3 times before it was free from any dirt. Still smells a little but not noticeable if you don't stick your head into the shell. Also New...
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    Beverley Cosmic 21 Snares

    The cosmic 21 was made by premier for beverley. Prem and beverley was both owned by the della-portal family. Premier later on adopted the 21 modell into their own range. I have never had the chanse to compare the 21 to a supra side by side but i can tell you they are both magnificant drums...
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    My new Slingerland Red Ripple Pearl set arrived today

    Beautyful, congratulations!
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    Muffler ID

    100% Premier 50's bd muffler
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    Why Precision?

    I can Just add to the praise. Gary and George are legens! I live in Europe, but that has never been a problem for them. They are top notch every time.
  9. ToBBa

    Remo pre-international heads

    I'm sorry but i didn't quite understand what spesific head you were after, but are you saying that remo is canceling all pre-int head production or Just for one particular head? Thanks
  10. ToBBa

    Remo pre-international heads

    Dfd has a decent selection of pre-int heads.
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    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Thanks for giving an aprox date, i really apreciate it. If you don't mind me asking, does your wmp snare from ca the same timeframe also have a stamp on the inside indicating the finish? To all the others that have replied: Thank you guys. It looks like the concensus here is to leave the...
  12. ToBBa

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Thanks. The drum is all original except the wires, a Ludwig head and a Un-branded calf head. And it's not broken except the cracked wrap and the bad smell. All metal parts work fine, edges are solid, No de-lamination etc. Re-wrap is Deffo happening since that is what it originally had and i'm...
  13. ToBBa

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Yeah, The wrap is toast, so a re-wrap is coming up. So would be Nice to know if the .020 stamp indicates the wrap color since that then only leaves me with one color option if i want to try to keep it as close to original as possible.
  14. ToBBa

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Haha good sugestions guys, but i still i don't think that will cure the problem in the long run. But the concensus here seems to be to not sand the interior. So is there any other way to clean a Shell with out damaging it? I'm really hesitant to get close to such an old Shell with any kind of...
  15. ToBBa

    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Hey, Thanks for your reply. I can't find any date stamp on the shell. If I am to leave the interior as is, i will have to play with a gassmask haha, since the smell is so strong.
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    Need help with my Leedy Broadway.

    Hi all. I recently aquired an old Leedy Broadway snare that looked like it could need some help. I really don't have much experience with leedy. Can any one help me dating it based on the pictures? 3ply maple/poplar/maple i guess. The shell is stamped with. 020 pearl which i guess...
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    Studio reference monitors? Looking for recomendations

    It depends a bit on how big and how treated your listening space is. If you have a fairly small space that Isn't purpose built as a listening enviroment i can really recomend the Neumann kh80 dsp. They are supernice, very natural/flat but still powerfull and have a broad range despite the...
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    Preinternational Floor tom to bass conversion

    You can get pinstripe and amb heads for pre-int pretty easily. Every remo deler can order them. The product number is the same as the regular sized head only with -PR at the end of the Prod number.
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    16" premier bass drum ... From factory?

    I don't own a kit like this my self so i coludn't tell regarding your tom Mount. Perhaps it's Just one of those parts that needs to be broken in? The starte of premier is as it has been the last 10 years or so... Very under the radar. I think they have been focusing more on their marching and...
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    16" premier bass drum ... From factory?

    Why is this in the vintage section? This is a current production modell. The drum configuration you have is called apk heritage micro-bop.