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  1. Swissward Flamtacles

    What did Max Roach do?

    So have you discovered something that you enjoy listening to? Since you started out on violin, you might be able to relate to these two recordings - no Max Roach on them but it's just good music:
  2. Swissward Flamtacles

    Your experiences with jazz-like drumheads

    Nothing wrong with Ambassadors. Unless they're completely dead, I'd keep them. The bubbles on Fiberskyns is a common issue but it's not a big one unless the top of the head comes off and you get brushes stuck in the holes all the time. Some guys used felt stripes across the head or a patch of...
  3. Swissward Flamtacles

    What did Max Roach do?

  4. Swissward Flamtacles

    I need a snare to hold me over...
  5. Swissward Flamtacles

    Can you remember who you sold your very first set to?

    I never met the buyer but I sure remember selling my first set. It was a cheap 80s model with a 22" bass drum and I sold it on ebay for a surprisingly good price. Shipping that thing was a lot of fun: Two giant boxes that were made of several old boxes and about a pound of duct tape contained 5...
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    Asking for a friend...a kit

    How about these new Yamahas with some light hardware?
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    Drumforum Book Club: Buddy's Bus Tapes, Collins' Live Aid Disaster and 60s Jazz Drummers Talk About the Beatles

    Of those books, I've only read this one. Very insightful interviews, not only with drummers! This one might be my favorite book about drumming, though: - it's an autobiographical novel by an unknown drummer. The writing style is...
  8. Swissward Flamtacles

    What did Max Roach do?

    Don't worry - once you like a genre, you like it. To me, that means finding tunes that you like first. If you get a tune stuck in your head and you can hear the theme while all the solos happen, you're halfway down the rabbit hole of enjoying Jazz. Here are a bunch of popular standards...
  9. Swissward Flamtacles

    What did Max Roach do?

    A lot has been said already - this thread is a gold mine of information! :) I've never seen him in person but he does seem like a well-spoken and friendly person in interviews but he was serious about his music. In the 40s - decades after the abolishment of slavery - there was still...
  10. Swissward Flamtacles

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    I just received two cymbals from Acidwash ( ) - a great transaction overall: a very fair price, great communication, safe packaging, you name it! Highly recommended!
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    What did Max Roach do?

    Well, do you like Jazz in general? He came up with a lot of vocabulary that is still used today in all kinds of styles and meters. And he did that at blazingly fast tempos with great precision and sound. Also he played long, musical solos while other drummers of the time often only played longer...
  12. Swissward Flamtacles

    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    Not sure if there is a metronome that goes that fast but you can set it to 150 and hear it as 1 and 3 or as 2 and 4. Lots of metronomes also have eight notes that you can include to get to 300 bpm.
  13. Swissward Flamtacles

    Vintage drums "on the cheap" - change hardware, rewrap?

    Yeah, you might as well get the complete one from Jouwdrumstel for that amount of money - probably the smarter option because there shouldn't be bad surprises when you buy from a store whose owner knows his products well. I think his prices are generally very reasonable.
  14. Swissward Flamtacles

    Vintage drums "on the cheap" - change hardware, rewrap?

    That's a lot better, then! Unless you get someone else looking for exactly this drum, you'll probably get it for less than 50€ shipped. But don't bid too high, because there will be more on ebay in the future and the extra hoop and legs will also cost you. Or you play them without resonant heads...
  15. Swissward Flamtacles

    Vintage drums "on the cheap" - change hardware, rewrap?

    Oh, 44€ is quite a lot. I guess 134€ is an alright deal if the drum is in good condition. Teardrop Floor Toms are a bit rare because back then sets often came with just one small tom. I've recently restored a friend's 3 ply Teardrop Floor Tom and it didn't have a bad tuning range but I'd try...
  16. Swissward Flamtacles

    Vintage drums "on the cheap" - change hardware, rewrap?

    I don't know about big quality differences between Swinger and Action - if you can get it for cheap, I wouldn't hesitate to mix them. There's also this auction which will probably end below 50€...
  17. Swissward Flamtacles

    Vintage drums "on the cheap" - change hardware, rewrap?

    Alright then! If the lugs have no issues, some people like them because they make the set lighter. Here's a Performer Floor Tom that ends in about an hour: They...
  18. Swissward Flamtacles

    Piccolo Snares In Jazz

    Sorry, but what? V = A * h = 3.14 * r² * h So 905 in³ and 1001 in³
  19. Swissward Flamtacles

    Favorite Hand Drum?

    Pandeiro is also my favorite. Curious about how you modified yours - I only see tape on the bottom of the head.
  20. Swissward Flamtacles

    Please recommend a definitive record from the classic jazz drummers?

    Really hard and I certainly don't know their complete discographies, so just some albums I like - here goes nothing: 1. Tony Williams (early pre fusion): Miles Smiles 2 Max Roach: Clifford Brown 3. Elvin Jones: Sonny Rollins Night at the Village Vanguard, Coltrane - Both Directions At Once 5...