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  1. multijd

    Does Anyone Subscribe to Downbeat Magazine Anymore..

    I see one about once a year. They usually give away copies at the convention and I will stumble into one. Its been a long time since I had a subscription. Actually now that I think of it I did have a subscription a few (not too long ago) years ago. It was weird because I didnt order it and I...
  2. multijd

    Gadd / Corea "Night Streets"

    Thats the Gadd “Thing”. Perfection with his amazing feel.
  3. multijd

    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    The mount on the drums in the original post are in good shape and according to the owner work great. But like Slingerland setomatic overtightening will kill them.
  4. multijd

    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    John Anderson bought the entire set. Louis used a few of the drums at the Albright Knox outdoor jazz concerts and they got discolored From the sun. He was so upset about it that he stopped using the drums. I only saw him play them a few times in all of those years. Interestingly, the first time...
  5. multijd

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    I just purchased an 18” 602 blue label medium flat ride. It’s in the mail. Should be here Thursday!
  6. multijd

    4 vintage snares

    You definitely should! 8/10 lug.
  7. multijd

    Vintage Tama - Imperialstar - Perfect Percussion

    Welcome to DFO!
  8. multijd

    Are Jazz Guys feathering...

    If you haven’t checked out Loren Schoenberg’s multi-part radio series with Mel Lewis On the history of Jazz drummers now is a good time. Mel talks about the bass drum in just about every episode.
  9. multijd

    ChromaCast Drum Bags

    Yes. I had the same experience. I bought a snare bag and bass bag a couple of years ago from Walmart online mainly because of the price. The bass bag has held up well but the handle on the snare bag broke almost immediatelu, and this is not a drum that I use regularly. But i recently bought...
  10. multijd

    UPDATE- my order from

    I tried to order from them a couple of weeks ago. As far as I can tell the order didnt go through, no email confirmation, no charge to paypal, no delivery of the items. I ordered the same items from Drums on Sale and they came in a couple of days.
  11. multijd

    Ordered a pair of...

    They look interesting but I’m not a maple guy.
  12. multijd

    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    I sat in on a friends gretsch kit at a jazz picnic yesterday. The set used to belong to a great drummer and mentor to many of us in Western New York (Buffalo region) who passed away a couple of years ago, Louis Marino. Apparently Louis had an endorsement deal with Gretsch and when it was coming...
  13. multijd

    yeah baby...from that little ole drum co. down in TX

    The A&F drums are very processed. I don’t feel like I’m really hearing the sound of the drums. I like the sound but it just doesn’t seem real to me. The gretsch set that Joe posted sounds like real single headed Toms. Check out 11:45 & 29:30 for a couple of shots of a different kind of single...
  14. multijd

    Did any jazz legends play Giant Beats or 2002's?

    I used one of those for a bit. Not a legend either!
  15. multijd

    Did any jazz legends play Giant Beats or 2002's?
  16. multijd

    1961 Slingerland three piece with shipping prices

    12x20 is such a sweet size bass drum. Especially in the mahogany shell. Glws.
  17. multijd

    Seeking Flat or Smaller Bell Ride Suggestion, but Not for Jazz

    These cymbals came to my mind as per your qualifications.
  18. multijd

    What did Max Roach do?

    I wonder if that top one is from “Saxophone Colossus” session. Or maybe Bud Powell’s “Un Poco Loco”? That and St. Thomas are the only recordings I can recall where He plays a cowbell.
  19. multijd

    Yamaha Manu Katche set in Purple Sparkle

    I dont remember what the sizes are on these but is it basically the forerunner to the Ludwig Breakbeat?
  20. multijd

    Virgin/undrilled drums vs drums with mount hole/extra holes

    Im curious. Was there a hole in the front head?