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  1. red66charger

    Rogers 20" Floor Tom Legs (for 14"" Floor Tom)

    So I'm really disappointed and angry that I just paid a crap ton of money for a Rogers 14" floor tom only find that the seller sold it with the short legs for 16" floor toms (even after I asked several times if it had the correct length legs!!!). So I'm now looking for a set of 20" hex floor...
  2. red66charger

    SOLD: INDe SB1 Strainer and Butt

    These are both sold. I bought a couple of these INDe SB1 Strainer and Butt kits for some projects and no longer need them. I have two available. One is brand new in the original packaging and the other one was only taken out of the plastic wrap but never used. They are both chrome and come...
  3. red66charger

    OT: Analog 2" 32 Track Tape

    I know this is a LOOONG shot...but I have a friend who's been searching for a service to have some 2" analog 32-track audio tape digitized for Pro Tools mixing. I know some of you cats get around and thought there may actually be such a place that could do this. He'd be grateful for any leads...
  4. red66charger

    Camco - Alice de Buhr

    If the rest of you are like me, you don't check out the 'General' section DFO often (if at all). My interest is vintage drums so I only pop in "there" once in a while. That said, there is an interesting thread in the General section about Alice de Buhr and her band Fanny. Fanny were an all...
  5. red66charger

    Camco Chanute 4-Piece Drum Set - Player

    Camco Chanute player's kit in worn out Walnut finish. As is, this is a great kit for gigging or hauling around for rehearsals. I used this kit in an Americana-Southern Rock band and it had the perfect mojo for that project. 6-ply maple Jasper shell sizes are: 14x22 (virgin) 9x13 10x14 16x16...
  6. red66charger

    SOLD: Jenkins-Martin 6.5x14 8-Lug Snare - Bleen Blue

    Jenkins-Martin fiberglass 6.5x14 snare drum. Lightly used in like new condition. The drum features 16 Jenkins-Martin lugs (8 per side) and Dunnett R4 throw off. The color/finish is grain textured, satin Bleen Blue. Plenty of life left in the heads. Comes with a Jenkins-Martin soft bag. As I'm...
  7. red66charger

    FOUND: Slingerland Streamline Lug for Snare

    Found, no longer looking.
  8. red66charger

    Anyone Passing Through Atlanta To Florida?

    With it being spring break right now, I was wondering if any DFO brothers are planning to travel through Georgia to Florida any time soon? I bought a drum set up that way and would love to avoid a long round trip drive. The seller is not shipping. The kit is located in a suburb northeast of...
  9. red66charger

    Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC 4/1/18

    I am really looking forward to NBC's live production of Jesus Christ Superstar this Sunday night (April 1, 2018). I was 6-years old when the original Tim Rice-Andrew Lloyd Weber double album was released. I don't know when my parents bought the album but I remember them listening to it in the...
  10. red66charger

    SOLD: Roland Octapad II Pad 80 Midi Controller

    SOLD Roland Octapad II Pad 80 midi controller. No on board sounds, just a midi controller. It worked fine the last time I used it. Unit does power on but I no longer have a sound module to test it with. As I recall one of the pads (top left or bottom left, I think) has an issue with a piezo as...
  11. red66charger

    SOLD: Rogers COB Dynasonic - $280

    SOLD Offering up a nice player's grade 1972 Rogers COB Dynasonic. The drum is very clean. The snare frame is a Drew's Music reproduction. Works as it should. The only other issue is that the threaded receiving holes for the strainer side snare cord are stripped out. There are nuts on the back...
  12. red66charger

    Vintage George Way Strainer(s)

    I'm looking for two vintage George Way strainers. I understand there are (at least) four different types of George Way strainers, possibly more. My primary focus is trying to locate a nice Aristrocrat (Precision) strainer that mounts to a shell with two horizontal fasteners. I believe the...
  13. red66charger

    SOLD: Ludwig Classic Floor Tom Legs (Long, Set of 3)

    SOLD This is a set of 3 newer looking Ludwig floor tom legs measuring 22 1/2". The knurled section measures 9 1/4". These are in great shape, probably because they don't look very old. I have no idea how old they are. $33 plus actual shipping to USA only
  14. red66charger

    Vintage Ludwig Classic Floor Tom Legs (Short, Set of 3)

    Set of 3 vintage classic Ludwig floor tom legs. One leg is fairly clean but the other two have some chrome loss. Missing rubber feet. These are the short legs measuring 16 1/2" with the knurled section measuring 3 1/2". $40 plus actual shipping to USA only Gallery...
  15. red66charger

    My Dream Kit (apparently) From the 70s

    Going through some old family photo albums this week and I came across this gem. As a pre-teen in the mid 70s I used to wear out the pages of Ludwig catalogs I grabbed from local music stores. Apparently from this masterpiece sketch it seems I was was pretty certain how I wanted to lay out my...
  16. red66charger

    Vintage Slingerlands (60s) in Action

    Pretty cool video my brother shared with me today. The video was produced to promote EarthQuaker guitar pedals. EarthQuaker is an Akron, Ohio based company and apparently the band showcased, The Beyonderers, are also Akronites. The song is cool and the vintage Blue Ripple Singerlands look...
  17. red66charger

    Need Help ID'ing Parts

    3x bass drum claws and T-rods (MIJ ?) 1x bass drum T-rod (Ludwig?) 2x tom L arms (Ludwig?) 1x bass drum spur, gull wing style (Ludwig?) Clearing some parts out and not sure what these are. Thanks
  18. red66charger

    George Way / Camco COB Hoops Question

    About what year did Camco rolled COB snare drum resonant hoops switch from the curved snare gates seen on George Way snare drums to the straight snare gates found on early Camco snare drums? Did early Camco snares have the curved snare gates?
  19. red66charger

    Malware (or whatever it is)

    I have to someone who who has donated somewhere around $125 through the years at DFO ( I know that's not a lot compared to some...but still... it's $100), the site is just about unusable. I keep getting alarming pop up ads that look like virus warnings when using my Android phone, which...
  20. red66charger

    "Player" Camco for 14x14 Rogers Steel Grey Ripple

    Here's a wild one to throw at the wall and see if it sticks... I have a player's grade Camco Chanute kit 22/13/14/16 that I'd be interested in swapping for a nice 14x14 Rogers Steel Grey Ripple floor tom. Pretty sure that's all I'm interested in trading for. I might be interested in trading...