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    Gretsch Starlight Sparkle 12"

    Hi, I have been looking for one of these forever. I say a kit with double 12's sell last year before I saw it and wonder if someone here bought it? Let me know
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    Swapping out Ludwig Large Lugs for Atlas Legs

    I bought a set of the 4 ply Super Classics right out of school in 92 when hanging floors were all the rage, I've been using a suspension mount for years but was wondering about converting 3 lugs to Atlas leg mounts. Has anyone here done this with success, was it worth it, and did you need to buy...
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    Amid the Noise-Boston

    This was one of the coolest projects I was a part of this year. If you have some time check it out, great work by Jason Hussein Treuting and Kadence Arts
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    Yamaha 30th Anniversary Maple Custom $2800 shipped

    Hi again, I am moving and thinning the herd a bit more. Here is a pretty rare, amazing sounding and in great shape for its age 30th Anniversary Maple Custom kit. It plays and records like a dream. Has a little bit of tom rash that only goes through the clear coat on the 8 and 12, some badges...
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    Yamaha Recording Custom Antique Sunburst-$1500 Shipped SOLD!!

    I have for sale a 2013 Yamaha Recording Custom. 22x14, 9x13, 16x16 in excellent shape. 14 in picture is sold. These were the last of the Japan made Rc's and they sound amazing! There is a small blemish in the front hoop but outside of that they are pristine. I only used them for recording, and...
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    Pearl Sensitone Brass-SOLD!

    I have a great Pearl Sensitone Brass for sale. Its a 5.5 x 14 first run model with the single flanged hoops and clips. Has some minor tarnish but all in all is in great shape for it's age. Asking 150 plus shipping Thanks for Looking!
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    Yamaha Seamless Brass Snare

    Hi all. I have a seamless 6.5x14 Yamaha brass snare for sale. Its a dynamic snare thats great in the studio or live. Its in really good condition with no issues. 325 shipped
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    Yamaha Copper Snare

    Hi all, I have a seamless Yamaha copper snare for sale. its the 5.5x14 model, also known as the Black Beauty killer. It has Fat Cat wires and Dyna Hoops. Sounds amazing. $500 shipped
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    Wrapped Slingerland Nashville rehab

    HI, I recently acquired a great sounding set of Studio King/Tour King/Wrapped Nashville shells. They are a BDP wrap which has cracked severely on the FT and has some cracks starting on the BD. The floor tom is definitely a rewrap, the rack is fine and the kick is a toss up. My initial thought...
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    Sakae Beech Snare

    HI All, I have a 5.5x14 Sakae Beech snare in near perfect condition. This is from the first run of Sakae snares that weere imported following the Yamaha breakup. It is warm, fat and has a great bite to it $325 Shipped in the lower 48
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    Replacement Gretsch mount-SSB/RB

    HI all, I have a early SSB kit that has one of the post/clip in to a diamond plate mounting set ups on the bass drum as shown here Are there any direct replacements for the pice that goes into the bass...
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    Just re-released a great Americana record

    Just wanted to share this one. A really great country/americana record that we worked hard on and is worth a listen Thanks
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    Supra out of Round?

    HI, I let someone borrow my Supra and it was returned a little out of whack, like they dropped it while changing a head. It still sounds great, but I was wondering if anyone has had luck bringing them back to round?
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    Heads up on vintage RB kit

    This kit is pretty sick, its a turnkey roundbadge solution
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    Nashville RK snare help

    Hi All, I became the new custodian of a 6.5 x 14 Nashville RK snare recently, and I am having some trouble with tuning it. I can't seem to tune the ring out of it. I am pretty good with tuning, but this one is giving me some trouble. It came with a well worn coated ambassador and it sounded...
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    George Way

    I was just tuning up my George Way Aristocrat and one of the turret lugs snapped, tension rod and inset flapping in the breeze. Wasn't even up to a medium tension, just after 50 years it was it's time. Anyone got a spare lying around? I really hope this drum isn't done for any help would be...