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  1. musicbybj

    Big R tom mount

    Does anyone have a template for Rogers big R tom mount? Jack :D
  2. musicbybj

    Best Sabian Series

    I just bought my first Sabian, a 16" O Zone with the double row of holes and I love it. Jack :icon_smile:
  3. musicbybj

    1964 Wood Dynasonic Score

    My 63 Red Sparkle bass drum has been fading to gold for years now. Not as extreme as this snare. Cool snare! Jack :icon_smile:
  4. musicbybj

    Marching to the Beat of a Vintage Rogers

    Believe it ace. I have pictures of him from a few years ago marching around with a couple other guys. Maybe the 4th of July, don't remember. TK will do it!!! Jack :D
  5. musicbybj

    Vintage Rogers. Could you give me some info?

    Bert, fantastic stroke of luck!!! These are very valuable Rogers drums. As troutstudio says, check with the Rogers Owners Forum for some more insight. Link right below signature. Jack :D
  6. musicbybj

    What is your most vintage drum set ?

    1963 Rogers Buddy Rich Celebrity with a later Rogers Powertone snare probably 67/68 Jack :D
  7. musicbybj

    Rogers Holiday Set

    You know I like 'em! Mine are about two years newer. With those serials it is a set, no doubt. Great score. Jack :D
  8. musicbybj

    OT- Gun show, gun show, GUN SHOW!

    Or get your big toe! :-D :-D :-D :-D Jack :D
  9. musicbybj

    Show us your setup!!!!

    These are my Buddy Rich Celebrity Red Sparkle Rogers. Top pic is my small jazz group and swing band setup. Next is my big band/swing band setup. The third is my Rock, blues and R&B setup. And finally me playing some R&B. Jack :D
  10. musicbybj

    P00der2 strikes again...

    I won't buy from them, I won't sell to them and they have been banned from the Rogers Owners Forum. Bad people, shame, shame, shame!
  11. musicbybj

    Rogers People...What do you think is up with this snare?

    The more I look the more I looks like 8 lugs but it's really hard to tell from the pictures. The seller says 8 lugs????? He's wrong about the size so he could be wrong about the number of lugs. It's a 5 X 14 and no doubt about that. I'd like to get a better look but I'll bet it's a...
  12. musicbybj

    Rogers People...What do you think is up with this snare?

    Well, this is a first for me. I've owned and been around Rogers Drums since 1963 and I've never seen or heard of a Holiday with 7 lines. It could be a prototype. It would be hard to fake a COB and the lines look authentic. It's a first for me and I would love to own it. Jack :)
  13. musicbybj

    Rope for Dynasonic Frame?

    :lol: Yamaha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,hee,haw wood Dyna haw hee ha,ha,ha :lol: :-D :-P :wacko: :laughing3: :laughing6: :toothy8: I gotta quit laughing like stomach hurts!!!!! :lol: Jack :)
  14. musicbybj

    Rope for Dynasonic Frame?

    I just use the string that comes with the Pure Sound snares. I do wish, however, that someone would come out with a true replacement for Dyna snares...19 strands! Jack :)
  15. musicbybj

    What happened to the Rogers Owners Forum?

    I'm 72 years old and it doesn't bother me a bit. I have more trouble with this glaring white background. As Sly Stone once said, "Different Strokes For Different Folks". Like I said, I've only had one other complaint in four years. I'm still gonna try to change it but the soft blue background...
  16. musicbybj

    Swivo mount question

    The problem is caused by too many years of over tightening. If you have one that will just snug up to remove rattle then this is the answer. A Memriloc for Swivo mounts! You can get these at most good fastner stores and they don't cost much. Just put them on where you want the post positioned...
  17. musicbybj

    Rogers catalogs

    I hear a lot of people trying to find Rogers catalogs online. You can find the most comprehensive collection of Rogers catalogs at the Rogers Owners Forum. The link is below. Jack :)
  18. musicbybj

    What happened to the Rogers Owners Forum?

    Actually there is quite a bit of action for a site that's devoted to a single topic, "Rogers Drums". We've had over 30,000 posts and have almost 400 members. It's a great bunch of people with a great, almost fanatical, love for Americas greatest drums. And remember, the more you post the more...
  19. musicbybj

    What happened to the Rogers Owners Forum?

    The only place you'll see the white font on a blue background is on the first page or forum list. I've only had one other person complain about this and believe me when I say I've tried to change this and will keep working on it. Thanks for your input. Jack (owner and administrator of Rogers...
  20. musicbybj

    YT: Julie London.... oh my...

    Ohhhhh! Julie Ohhhhhh! Her version of Cry Me A River with Barney Kessel on guitar is the single most sexy song ever recorded. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jack:)