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  1. Hop

    How about some Pat Travers?

    Nice job on the cover... The video has a bit of an undercover/covert vibe to it too!
  2. Hop

    Tama and Ludwig drum wrap question

    For Ludwig, adhesive backed wrap... see the 6:35 mark:
  3. Hop

    Siros Vaziri "Chops, fills, and licks " videos

    Bingo... the "talk it death" guys can be very trying, especially when you want to just get at it. Looks like a pretty good resource, packaged well and reasonably priced! Thanks for sharing the info/link.
  4. Hop

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    ...and photo-bombed by the buck on your left!!!
  5. Hop

    Horizontal mounted bass drums

    Sorry to resurrect the dead.... But I was banging away at the rehearsal space and was thinking "Man those toms sound loud in comparison to the bass from the drum seat perspective" Obviously the toms are a lot closer to the ear, and the horizontal orientation of the tom(s) cylinder directs more...
  6. Hop

    Headphones Recommendation Needed Please

    I use the Beyerdynamic DT 770 M. To me they have a natural/flat sound, are pretty comfortable (I wear them for my practice sessions for up to ~4-hours), have a volume controller on the cable, and do reduce some of the ambient noise (they rate the unit at 35dB NPR [ "Excellent isolation from...
  7. Hop

    Building a New Studio ... ... ... eventually

    Lookin' good so far... also better to discover and correct now rather than if you sold the place and then found issues during the buyers inspection (and all the related headaches).
  8. Hop

    Friday 19+1-Fer: Songs You Have Heard But Didn't Know The Name

    From the 1st vid.... Big fan of number 9, especially around October ;-)
  9. Hop

    Remo tattoo head question

    From what I understand, it's not the surface based ink logos from the other heads, but rather that it is impregnated in the film itself (from their "SkynDeep" graphic process). I don't think the ole' acetone/Goo-Gone is going to work on that head.
  10. Hop

    For those interested, some new Sticky Wicket. Enjoy!

    ^ I really like his playing along with his narrative. I really dismissed a lot of music from that era because it is just so hard for me to clearly hear what the drums are doing. However, good ole' Sticky just breathed some life into that music for me... gives me a whole new appreciation for...
  11. Hop

    For those interested, some new Sticky Wicket. Enjoy!

    Just to add on.... Sticky Wicket (and Next Level Chops) posted a new series of videos covering the historical evolution of jazz drumming. Of course we get to see in detail some of the techniques and chops and of course equipment of the era. Worth the watch! Vintage Chops and Grooves Pt. 1...
  12. Hop

    Teachers, what do I need to get there?

    OK... One goal sheet, comments and some encouragement has been sent! ...And you'll be surprised at how many teachers simple don't understand this as a process. I can't tell you how many merely wrote the date on the page(s) and said, "See ya next week!" and in the ensuing weeks never provided...
  13. Hop

    TRICK strainer (Chinese Knockoff) Report

    These items are super easy to copy - simply use a hand-held 3d scanner and program that data into a CNC machine (or dismantle the original parts and make some cast/molds). Why do it? The manufacturing companies are incentivized & subsidized by the government and there is absolutely no fear of...
  14. Hop

    TRICK strainer (Chinese Knockoff) Report

    I'm sure the folks at Trick are just thrilled and overjoyed at this "sincerest form of flattery."
  15. Hop

    Teachers, what do I need to get there?

    David gave you some really good thoughts/insights, and I'll echo a couple of them. Absolutely get a quality professional instructor... not just any teacher. You may have to go through several teachers to find that quality instructor (or you may luckily land on them right away). I went through...
  16. Hop

    Paiste Sound Creation Short Crash 18" + Formula 602 Blue Label Thin Crash 21"

    I know! I'm in the South Bay and could have saved on the shipping too boot!!! Hopefully I wont miss out on another opportunity should it arise.
  17. Hop

    Hi-hat stand/hardware porn

    WOW! I can't thank you enough for going above and beyond with all those pics, especially the ones showing the inner workings of your Tama Tilting. For the life of me I just can't figure out why the hi-hat hasn't evolved a bit more, especially in terms of being ergo friendly for today's...
  18. Hop

    Paiste Sound Creation Short Crash 18" + Formula 602 Blue Label Thin Crash 21"

    How the heck did I miss this one??? I've really wanted a 16" (or even a 18") short crash for a long time. That 21" 602 looks great too.
  19. Hop

    Hi-hat stand/hardware porn

    How's that Tama tilting made up? Is it rod-to-linkage-to-rod or cable-to-linkage-to-rod? Is it possible to post an image with a closer look at the lower half?
  20. Hop

    key counting method??

    I haven't... I like Joe, I think he's a pretty good teacher, has some good products and I'm curious to hear about this approach as well. I've been going over some basics again lately and I am looking for a better way to count what I'm doing without zoning out and constantly losing my place...