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  1. drumgadget

    16th notes on the hat (single handed)

    Now THAT is a train ....... ! What a perfect groove ........ Mike
  2. drumgadget

    New idea for marking stand positions on drum rug

    Great idea! I will use it ....... just finished up teching for the Healdsburg Jazz Festival, had to "spike" Billy Hart's rather complicated (and exacting!) setup after soundcheck. I used day-glo pink tape ......
  3. drumgadget

    kinda OT - Drummer's personal relationships w/other musicians/artists

    Hmmm ...... I see there are some Firesign Theater freaks in here ......... Another thread, possibly? If so, I'm there ...... right after I finish my deal with Ralph Sport ...... Spoilsport Motors ......... the world's biggest new/used dealership!
  4. drumgadget

    kinda OT - Drummer's personal relationships w/other musicians/artists

    I guess I'm just one lucky bozo ....... my wife and I have been together for 39 years. We met in a recording studio - we were both "behind the scenes" tech types. My drums had to move out of my dining room when she moved in with her teak table, but I never stopped playing. She's not a...
  5. drumgadget

    Oldest cymbal bought new?

    I still have the 20" Zildjian "A" ride my mother bought for me around 1956 when I started high school. Although it lives in a storage case now, it was my ONLY ride for many, many years. I can't part with it. I remember we took the train into Boston, met my teacher at Jack's Drum Shop ...
  6. drumgadget

    MAJOR NEWS: CRAVIOTTO Announced Today They Were Closing Original Factory To Relocate

    Hey Willy - GLWS! That is a fabulous kit ........ I swear, if I were still playing the sort of material that called for that cannon of a bass drum, I'd go deep into hock to make it mine! Mike
  7. drumgadget

    MAJOR NEWS: CRAVIOTTO Announced Today They Were Closing Original Factory To Relocate

    Oh man ......... I guess I could see this coming. My only connection to Johnny (as a second-rate local jazzer who appreciates the finest equipment that money can buy ...... !) were my several conversations with him at the NAMM shows in Anaheim, culminating in the purchase of my treasured 12x7...
  8. drumgadget

    A first for me - snare reso head broke during a gig.

    Happened to my venerable Ludwig Acro while it was stored in a hard case in my (very temperate) garage. Just split down the middle ........ odd ......... Mike
  9. drumgadget

    SOLD: INDe SB1 Strainer and Butt

    'charger - pls check your PMs
  10. drumgadget

    Is there a truly flat and non-compressing cymbal felt washer?

    +1 on the Cympads ........ I've given all my felt washers to the moths ........... M.
  11. drumgadget

    Band leader bought a Vdrum kit... (Td4)

    Well ....... IMHOP there is no such thing as a hall/room/closet too small for acoustic drums ....... ! That said, I've been experimenting with E-drums since 1990 or so; the E-drum is really a totally different percussion instrument, with a whole suite of subtle (and not so subtle)...
  12. drumgadget

    Bass Drum Cymbal Mounts...

    Sherm - yes,I probably should do all of those things ....... I have given thought to making a "universal" version that would adjust for different lug spacings (ie bass drum diameters/lug counts), but honestly I make these things for my own use and all my other bass drums have some sort of tom...
  13. drumgadget

    Bass Drum Cymbal Mounts...

    Here's my latest take on the bass drum mounting of ride cymbal and rack tom - my bass is a virgin 16x14" Gretsch conversion. I use two of the InDe "combi-lugs" with a strap across them; I fabricated the mount using hardware store aluminum strap and various modified bits and pieces. I've always...
  14. drumgadget

    JCR Bells - Cleaning and Care

    Yes, you should make sure that any rusting is not "getting bad" ...... true for anything made of iron or steel. But a thin patina of rust (like an old car in the desert) won't devleop into a serious "rusting out" ...... you know, like an old car in Massachusetts back in the '60s when they...
  15. drumgadget

    "Edie Brickell and New Bohemians" Friday Five Fer

    The groove on the "What I Am" video has to be one of the slankyest half-time backbeat swing feels ever ...... whoever played it. Was the drummer on the video indeed Matt Chamberlain? I had always thought so ...... love the two-handed high-hat and the minimalist fills. I had mercifully...
  16. drumgadget

    JCR Bells - Cleaning and Care

    Great story! Those JCR bells are, to the best of my knowledge, raw unfinished steel. They will and do rust; you can clean the rusty spots with some fine (OO or OOO) steel wool and a bit of WD-40. If the partial decals are important to you, work around them carefully. We're talking cosmetics...
  17. drumgadget

    Depth for a 16" bass drum

    I've got two converted Gretsch 16" bass drums: my first one was DIY ..... well, actually I commissioned Greg Gaylord to do the actual cutting of the shell + bearing edges. I decided on 16x12.5" for two reasons - I did the math and preserved the ratio of depth/diameter of my favorite bass drum...
  18. drumgadget

    Canopus Hybrid throne

    Well OK, X ........ I expect, however, that like all the stuff I've "invented" and prototyped over the years, there will be silly amounts of time (= money!) and material costs associated with it. I use a number of my creations on every gig, but have never found a practical way to mass produce...
  19. drumgadget

    Canopus Hybrid throne

    Yes, the Hybrid stand tripod will accept a Roc 'n Soc top ...... standard 7/8" diameter rod ....... but I don't think it's lighter enough to justify either the extra cost or the difficulty of finding one. I have one of the original pre-recall versions, and play a Canopus RFM kit. The thing is...