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  1. Johnny K

    What Are You Listening To?

    The best version of Cantalope Island I think I've ever heard. The band I just joined does this song, but not like this... Jack D's Sonor kit is on display at Maxwells Drum Shop in NYC. I grabbed a pic of it last month when I was there. 24 hour shell gas station near me
  2. Johnny K

    Frank Beard

    Nice. Happy Birthday to Frank (next time - could someone put HB in the title. Everytime I see just a name of an old RnR dood or doodette, I think, UH OH!)
  3. Johnny K

    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    I know right? The Bopworks 40's Swing Classic model stick looks closer to what he probably used. Dont really care though, they could say anything on them and I would still play them.
  4. Johnny K

    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Not terribly hard. In the beginning I was having a hard time finding a stick i could feel comfortable with and my instructor handed me a pair of Buddys and it was instant love. Then I found the Jack D's and loved them too, because of they are the same length and diameter (probably 5b-ish) and...
  5. Johnny K

    Effect of unlathed bell (Zildjian K Sweet crash cymbals)

    I have a K Custom Dry ride. The bell is awesome. Unfortunatly the cymbal is a brick and doesnt crash well. I take the good with the bad and put an 18" K Custom Fast Crash a wrist flick away and to the right of the Dry ride. They pair up very well. I tried a K Sweet at Guitar center and I liked...
  6. Johnny K

    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Cool. I have a 3rd pair that has dissappeared to check against. The new ones are about 2 weeks old. The ones on the right have gotten alot of use and abuse. I use Jack DeJohnette sticks too and those tips dont really sharpen, but they do get cracked and chuncks of the tips go missing. I really...
  7. Johnny K

    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Did they change the tip design or did I really wear them out so badly that it's too hard to tell?
  8. Johnny K

    What Are You Listening To?

    My new bestest and favoritest drummer, Tony "TC" Coleman. I think I'm gonna just give up on jazz and just focus on this. I've always been a blues player (guitar) my whole life. Might as well stick to what I know.
  9. Johnny K

    Wuhan Cymbals

    Nope. I have the same love/hate relationship with Wuhan too. I have all those others you have and a couple of rides. I had also bought the 19" to fill a niche. I think it's the worst crash cymbal they make. I still have it. God only knows why the 19" sucks and the 18" crash ride is brilliant! I...
  10. Johnny K

    Big Sound From A Tiny Kit

    I made a travel/bop style kit from 3 of my 6 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple shells. I even managed to find a 4 1/2 x 10" Catalina Maple snare drum too. The 16x16 floor tom is a now a kick with a Remo P3 Powerstroke and the reso head is the Evans supplied Gretsch logo batter that came with the...
  11. Johnny K

    How a "5A" is made

    I play VF Buddy’s and Jack D’s regularly but I’ve recently got a pair of Bopworks 8D Art Blakey sticks and they are pretty darn good too. I like that VF sorts the sticks to keep the best looking ones for 5a naturals And sorts the 2nds for VF Grips. I have a pair of those with nylon tips and I...
  12. Johnny K

    What Are You Listening To?

  13. Johnny K

    Heads Up: Remo Vintage A QC Issue

    I just put one my Gretsch Cat Maple snare a week ago. So far no issues. I like the sound. Seems like a good match for the maple snare.
  14. Johnny K

    Bass drum pedal collection any other collectors out there?

    At my house there's a fine line between collecting and hoarding. ;)
  15. Johnny K

    kinda OT - Drummer's personal relationships w/other musicians/artists

    With much encouragement and a good pair of noise canceling head phones. She’s also a budding upright bass player. Our first date 24 years ago was one of my gigs.
  16. Johnny K

    Top 10 Qualities of's Favorite Drummers

    Are you @RigsOfDad on Instagram?
  17. Johnny K

    Top 10 Qualities of's Favorite Drummers

    Art Blakey didn't do 8 of those 10 things.
  18. Johnny K

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    "Hey, you want to sit in with us tomorrow? There's a kit there, just bring sticks" The struggle is real! LOL! The cymbals and snare are mine. At least I had enough sense to bring them (and a Zildjian Drummers Emergency kit & a key) just in case. Still had a great time.
  19. Johnny K

    Comparison of Real Feel Pad and actual snare drum!

    Do you know about ZIldjian L-80 low volume cymbals? Combine them with Silent Stroke mesh heads on an acoustic kit and it will change your life. As in, your wife, your neighbors, your dog, etc will not hate you anymore. LOL.
  20. Johnny K

    Comparison of Real Feel Pad and actual snare drum!

    I probably could have articulated that better. But in this video I just did, it's like i said. Not really noticeable and I give the edge and feel to the snare. The head is a brand new (as in I bouight it on Monday at GC) Remo Ambassador Vintage Coated tuned to 87, a med-high tuning, on the Drum...