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  1. mlayton

    KB Supraphonic/Acrophonic? finally finished

    Way to see that one through to the end! Or really beginning of it's new life. Well done!
  2. mlayton

    3 of my 4 Acro's including a 10 Lug Monroe Keystone badge

    Nice finds! The silver badge 10 lug model is supposedly a late 90's issue. I've got one and a few other friends do as well. Nice snares.
  3. mlayton

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Just did a cymbal deal with Sinclair and also Hoochymama. Excellent on both accounts. Well described, packed well and shipped quickly. Thanks guys! Mike
  4. mlayton

    What are these 3 red drums in this vintage listing for $100?? The story CONTINUES - 18" Ludwig keystone virgin kick - original. Purchased new!

    It does look a lot like Bronze mist to me as well. Here is a decent pic of the finish on a Dec 11 1965 Club Date tom that I have. Mike
  5. mlayton

    Snare as a kick drum?

    Recently saw (don't recall or FB) someone that had the kick pedal and the beater just striking a mounted/supported microphone as the bass drum.
  6. mlayton

    Happy Birthday, Bun!

    Hope you have a great day Bun! Mike
  7. mlayton

    Ebay Nightmare

    You didn't get what you ordered. you simply initiate a return using Ebay's structured procedure. It should begin on the page with your purchases are listed. Once you report the reason for the return, they handle the rest. You return it and the seller or Ebay handles the return costs. It's...
  8. mlayton

    (SOLD) FOR SALE: Ludwig B/O Acrolite

    Sold. Thanks. Mike
  9. mlayton

    1960s Ludwig Clubdate White Marine Pearl Downbeat

    Beautiful drums GLWS. Mike
  10. mlayton

    Bird's Eye Views...

    What are the cymbals in your second pic K50? Very nice! Mike
  11. mlayton

    1966 Acrolite stored unplayed in a closet for 46 years

    That's a wonderful find! Love it. Here is a page from the '67 Ludwig Catalog showing the Acrolite packages.
  12. mlayton

    Small's: Free at Last..

    I love Smalls. Always have. Amazing for Spike to put up a world wide free the spirit of spreading the love of Jazz and Peace. When on the same site, don't forget to check Mezzrow's as well. I've gotten to where I watch it as much as I do Smalls. Mike
  13. mlayton

    $80 garage sale score

    Unreal find Kevin! Well done. Mike
  14. mlayton

    Who needs a nice Acrolite? You do at a lower price!

    Very nice. GLWS! Mike
  15. mlayton

    I Joined the 10k Club Today

    Well done. You've had some great posts too! Mike
  16. mlayton

    (SOLD) FOR SALE: Ludwig B/O Acrolite

    Thanks Gents! Appreciate it.
  17. mlayton

    (SOLD) FOR SALE: Ludwig B/O Acrolite

    I LOVE Acrolites! And this one is a beauty. Vintage Ludwig Blue Olive rounded badge Acrolite. 5x14 8 lug seamless Ludalloy shell (same shell as the Supras). Serial number is 3113918, no date stamp inside. Drum is completely original including snare wires, cords and heads. Has the 12 hole black...
  18. mlayton

    Your fate is in Craigslist’s hands.

    Galaxy Sparkle Saluda kit. 880 bucks.
  19. mlayton

    Hi-hat stand/hardware porn

    Thanks for posting those Paul! I seem to migrate towards keeping several Hi hat stands as well. I have never seen a tilting model. Very cool!