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  1. Piggpenn

    How about some Pat Travers?

    From my band Radioface at last night's gig.
  2. Piggpenn

    OT. Windows Problem Help Needed

    Tap CTRL+ALT+ Delete, that'll give you an option for task manager. Be patient it could take a couple minutes to respond.
  3. Piggpenn

    OT. Windows Problem Help Needed

    To answer this specific question: Right click the Task Bar and open Task Manager You should see the Windows Updates under the application tab Click it and choose end task.
  4. Piggpenn

    TAMA Speed Cobra single pedal

    You're a helluva nice guy but I'm looking to thin the herd. Thanks for asking, anyhow. :)
  5. Piggpenn

    TAMA Speed Cobra single pedal

    LOL, It's unique, I'll give you that. It's actually the bass drum spur.....Sorry about that. haha
  6. Piggpenn

    Ebay Nightmare

    Good luck, Toast Tee. I think after getting over the fact that errors occurred it is still a sweet kit.
  7. Piggpenn

    TAMA Speed Cobra single pedal

    New Price $115.00 Shipped.
  8. Piggpenn

    TAMA Silverstar Birch 4pc w/bags

    I've reduce the price on Reverb. com and I'm going to reduce it further here. New price......$600.00 shipped or OBO.
  9. Piggpenn

    TAMA Hardware Galore - Take your pick

    New updated pricing. These have now been put into a Dutch Auction. I will reduce the price until these items sell. Kinda like an auction in reverse.
  10. Piggpenn

    Spam Scam or an honest mistake?

    When in doubt, throw it out.
  11. Piggpenn

    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Did it myself. Also, added a Duck foot to an 18" and 20" bass drum. Easy to do.
  12. Piggpenn

    1966 Acrolite stored unplayed in a closet for 46 years

    Wow, that is so cool! Congrats.
  13. Piggpenn


    I simply went to the Yamaha factory website and contacted them. If it's new, you're likely to get a warranty replacement. Yamaha treated me better than expected.
  14. Piggpenn

    TAMA Hardware Galore - Take your pick

    2nd gear post has also been updated. This gear is listed on other selling sites so if you are interested, with the best prices here, please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in anything. I may have something you want but it isn't posted so don't hesitate to ask if you are...
  15. Piggpenn

    TAMA Hardware Galore - Take your pick

    First post has been updated. Gear is moving, I'm pleased to say.
  16. Piggpenn

    Stage Customs

    Yes, they are outstanding. Very happy with mine.
  17. Piggpenn


    This.... I had a similar issue. Bought a "ONE BOX" 5 pc stage custom last summer. It was advertised as B stock or "blemished" as the reason for the discount. I figured head use or minor scratches or stuff unimportant to me. I'm going to gig it so it's going to take some abuse anyhow. And for...
  18. Piggpenn

    Gretsch New Classic Black Sparkle Bop 12/14/18

    That is stunning. Wish I was looking. GLWS.
  19. Piggpenn

    Reverb Shipping issues

    I stick to my prices stated. I've been burned before but that's on me if I'm not prepared. I honor my deals. I know up front what is, the more I sell and ship. Sometimes it's a hard education and expensive. In the end, I've moved gear, the buyer is happy and hopefully I've gained trust and kept...
  20. Piggpenn

    Wanted: Tama Starclassic B/B 10" or 12" tom Twilight Blue Burst

    Yeah, it sold and I totally had forgotten I still have the snare. Poor lonely thing. lol