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  1. GeeDeeEmm

    Sakae Almighty Maple- should I buy it

    That's an excellent comparison. When I bought my Recording Customs, I had my choices narrowed down to the RCs or the Legends. The resell value is the one factor that made up my mind. The market for little-known but great drums is very limited. Sellers of those sets are forced to wait for the 1...
  2. GeeDeeEmm

    Strange Ebay Response to My Asking A Seller A Question

    Ha! I don't know. I'll have to check Grammarly! (It just corrected me on spelling its name!) GeeDeeEmm
  3. GeeDeeEmm

    Horizontal mounted bass drums

    Thanks for making the correction on this thread, Hop. This old thread used the term "horizontal bass drums" throughout, when, in fact, these were "Vertical Bass Drums." This mini-trend didn't last long, did it? GeeDeeEmm
  4. GeeDeeEmm

    Mo Red Devils

    I like it! I'll bet that is a fun band to be in. GeeDeeEmm
  5. GeeDeeEmm

    We Aint Much of A Vocal Band

    Ooooh . . . I like that. And that IS a great shuffle groove, too. Your title about vocals reminded me of the last band I was in. The leader insisted on perfect vocal harmonies, and the rest of us were in total agreement. We worked on three-part harmonies relentlessly and the result was...
  6. GeeDeeEmm

    Strange Ebay Response to My Asking A Seller A Question

    New one to me. Never heard of that. But, I wish whoever writes copy for ebay and dozens of other companies would learn the simple rules of the English language: ". . . the seller might have a limit for the amount of items that can be purchased . . . . " Even the simple version of Grammarly...
  7. GeeDeeEmm

    ISO/WTB Some vintage Slingerland parts

    Post your needs on the "Slingerland Sets And Snare Drums" public group on Facebook. It seems there are a lot of guys there with hard to find spare parts. I'll bet you could find what you need there. GeeDeeEmm
  8. GeeDeeEmm

    Newer song from my band opening for Chris Tomlin!

    Your drum playing is right on the mark. Very, very locked in and appropriate for the tune. That's pro-level stuff, my friend. And I love your singer's voice. His overall funky tone and beautiful vibrato are just killer. GeeDeeEmm
  9. GeeDeeEmm

    Dusty Springfield - Son of a Preacher Man (Drum Cover)

    Yep. That new bass drum pattern helped a lot. Sounds much more laid back now. Personally, I'd really lay back on the bass drum even more, playing just behind the beat. But you are making great strides in your drum playing, my man. I'm enjoying it. GeeDeeEmm
  10. GeeDeeEmm

    12" Ludwig CM toms overly resonant?

    This. We all typically totally ignore what the room contributes to our drum sound. Move the kit somewhere else and the problem will disappear, almost certainly. But, while in your current room, just slap on a Zero Ring or moon gel. GeeDeeEmm
  11. GeeDeeEmm

    Oyster Black kit value ?

    On which planet? I keep seeing figures like that all over this and other boards, but I never see sets selling for those prices. In this market, with a glut of nice kits available, I bet you'd struggle to get $1500 for that kit even if it was in pristine condition, which it's not. There was a...
  12. GeeDeeEmm

    Sakae Almighty Maple- should I buy it

    Hmmm . . . I'd say: 1. Some of the best drums ever made 2. One of the least-recognized brands ever made 3. The 18" tom is a big value booster 4. Not a killer deal, by any means, but certainly a fair asking price 5. Ability to resell the kit at that price: almost none, unless you happen to run...
  13. GeeDeeEmm

    New idea for marking stand positions on drum rug

    That's an excellent idea! And I love how you've cut your rug (pun!) to the exact size of the kit. Looks pro! GeeDeeEmm
  14. GeeDeeEmm

    Ebay Nightmare

    Why not? The seller made a mistake in his listing. It happens all the time. He has a 100% rating, so he's not a scammer. He seems perfectly willing to correct the mistake, and either way, you will be made whole. IMO, you're making WAY to big a deal of this matter. If the seller follows through...
  15. GeeDeeEmm

    Gig Video, Band's First Time Out

    Maybe it's just the mood I'm in this morning, but I was simply mesmerized by those two performances. I absolutely love the band's interpretations of those two songs - especially I Am The Walrus. It's obvious that a lot of thought went into Walrus, with the keyboard, drums, and guitar parts...
  16. GeeDeeEmm

    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    Wow! That 12" looks GREAT! GeeDeeEmm
  17. GeeDeeEmm

    TRICK strainer (Chinese Knockoff) Report

    Thanks for the info! GeeDeeEmm
  18. GeeDeeEmm

    Refinish a drum from Red To Black

    What KO said! This kit is gorgeous just as it is, and you should leave it that way. Your impulse to go black is just an emotional one, and you are just as likely to regret it later on. Having seconded KO's logical suggestion, you have some options should you decide to plow ahead: * As noted...
  19. GeeDeeEmm

    My New to me 400

    That's a beauty, Blueshadow! The drum that established the Ludwig sound signature. You may already know this, but real "contact cement" is supposed to be dry to the touch before you bond the badge in place. Both surfaces (the drum shell and the badge) should be coated with cement and allowed to...
  20. GeeDeeEmm

    Bird's Eye Views...

    Sorry for the bad lighting - and dirty cymbals! I normally keep them brite and polished. GeeDeeEmm