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  1. Johnny K

    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Did they change the tip design or did I really wear them out so badly that it's too hard to tell?
  2. Johnny K

    Big Sound From A Tiny Kit

    I made a travel/bop style kit from 3 of my 6 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple shells. I even managed to find a 4 1/2 x 10" Catalina Maple snare drum too. The 16x16 floor tom is a now a kick with a Remo P3 Powerstroke and the reso head is the Evans supplied Gretsch logo batter that came with the...
  3. Johnny K

    LTB: Gretsch 14" (8) Lug Die Cast Hoops for Snare Drum

    If you have a spare set in decent condition lying around that you need to unload, please PM me. Thanks.
  4. Johnny K

    Vintage Gretsch 4160 or New 4160

    Howdy! I was in NYC this past weekend for The Five Boroughs Bike Tour and since I came up a day early I made a point to stop into Steve Maxwell's drum shop, near MSG. I've been wanting a 5x14 4160 for sometime and the price for a brand new one is pretty reasonable. While at Maxwell's shop I...
  5. Johnny K

    RBH Westwood or Gretsch Brooklyn

    Has anyone on here played both? I heard the RBH kit played on the recent Modern Drummer Podcast and was blown away. I currently have a Gretsch Catalina maple kit and wanted to step up to a 12/14/20 Brooklyn shell pack and a USA 5.5x14 COB Snare. Now Im not so sure. The price point for either is...
  6. Johnny K

    Spring is Here - Practicing Outdoors

    I took advantage the great weather here in the Annapolis area to annoy my neighbors for 2 hours. i switched up my 2up 2 down studio kit to 1 up 1 down to free up my 10" and 16" toms to make a bop kit. What you see is a 10/13/14/16. The snare is a 13" metal shelll Pearl Piccolo snare. I hope...
  7. Johnny K

    WTB: Zildjian 8" K Splash

    Looking for a Zildjian 8" K SPLASH. The one with the small "K" and "SPLASH 8"/20CM" Make me an offer. I have a 10" K Custom Special Dry Splash I am looking to unload, willing to trade.
  8. Johnny K

    Replacement Throw off for Gretsch Catalina Maple Snare

    Looking for a direct bolt on replacement throw-off for the not so great stock one that came with the snare. The on my drum hangs up and I need more sensitivity. I've seen the INDe univeral, but am wondering if there are others. Gretsch (read DW) customer service has already told me the...
  9. Johnny K

    Hiya. New Guy Here

    New guy here. Signed up over a year ago and now making an introduction. Hi Everybody! A little background: 55 yrs old, married, live near DC. Guitar player since early 1980's. Drummer since Jan 2018. I am primarily focusing on Jazz and Blues drumming styles. I look forward to asking stupid...