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  1. CaptainCrunch

    WTB - Ludwig 18" Floor Tom in black cortex.

  2. CaptainCrunch

    Drums with "growling" tone?

    I tune all drums to finger-tight using a drill bit key, which is pretty much the lowest tuning that produces a tone, then up 1/4 turn once or twice, maybe 1/8 turn tighter on top. I liked coated Weathermaster Heavy when they were still available for Ludwigs, make do with Ambassador for smaller...
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    Sign-in issues

    I’m not able to sign in on new devices, but am able to post from ones that were already logged on. I assume if my account had been deactivated this wouldn’t be the case. Any suggestions? I’ve gone through the normal logical flowchart on this one already, and I KNOW it’s the correct password.
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    Your fate is in Craigslist’s hands.

    I can't quite tell on my phone if those are R-380 or 360, but those were made by Yamaha. You could do a whole lot worse.
  5. CaptainCrunch

    Your fate is in Craigslist’s hands.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the 12" is double-badged, so this was actually the only way he could have gotten it wrong, and god bless him he managed it.
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    I'm kind-of back

    The tradeoff of pets is they give you dozens of the best days of your life, in exchange for one of the worst. For dealing with other humans, the tradeoff is the opposite.
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    Who has the most faithful Ludwig looking green sparkle wrap?

    I think if you put a 1970 kit in a time machine and put them next to a brand-new 2019 kit, they'd be very close. If you're talking a match to what they look like now, a couple suppliers are doing custom wraps where you basically pick your Pantone shade over sparkle or pearl. BHarrington did...
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    Your fate is in Craigslist’s hands.

    I could live with this
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    I'm kind-of back

    I actually.... (deep sigh).... used a good chunk of that time boning up on my bass and guitar skillz. My guitar collection is also embarrassingly far above my skill set in terms of quality, and I've neglected them for years.
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    Today's find Slingerland Tangerine Satin Flame

    It looks like it could be a blue oyster kind of color, but I just can't get a good enough look at it to say anything. Curious if it's a 4-leg bass, since the double cymbal mounts are on-spec for a Buddy Rich kit, but only with the quadruped bass. 24" instead of the 22" was like a $6 option in...
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    WTB - Ludwig 18" Floor Tom in black cortex.

    3, edited for clarity.
  12. CaptainCrunch

    Today's find Slingerland Tangerine Satin Flame

    Seconded. Also looks skinny like it might be a 12", but that could be only having a head on one side throwing me off.
  13. CaptainCrunch

    Re cut bearing edges vs resale value

    If it's a true collector piece - Cadillac Green Gretsch, or a rare color bop kit, or Black Oyster Ludwigs, or whatever example you like, I'd leave it. Certain things are worth enough original that non-functional doesn't matter. The stuff that's almost too valuable to actually play. But most any...
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    WTB - Ludwig 18" Floor Tom in black cortex.

    B/O 3-ply, clear interior, player grade is preferred, honestly.
  15. CaptainCrunch

    I'm kind-of back

    Though I doubt I had a fan club, wailing and gnashing their teeth at my absence. So, sorry to anybody who messaged me about for-sale-or-trade items. Within a week of posting that post, I lost 40% of my immediate family. Yeah, it was a dog and cat, but seems like terminal patients don't get...
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    New Craigslist scam?

    Also, FWIW, I got a Google Voice number just for CL sales. Not like my phone doesn't get several scam calls per day, but it can message and forward to and from my actual cell. Just an extra layer between me and the bots, scammers, weirdos, and time wasters.
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    New Paiste cymbals revealed

    You know what? I had a 602 Transition Dark Ride and an '80 SC Dark, and I sold the earlier one. Too normal, not enough grump and clank. I have some old 602 HEAVY rides that are better for that "weird, but not SC Dark weird" mood. Not that I don't want Paiste to bring them back, but I bet if...
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    Nothing more to see here

    Responded I don't think this came through To reiterate, and not to be a jerk, I really do hope to find the like-for-like trade here. Already have almost this exact drum and looking to move it out. Hope to trade for a 3-ply clear interior 20" w/rail.
  19. CaptainCrunch

    Paiste 602 opinions

    Having a decent pile of 50’s A’s and 602’s, I think I hear a lot of common sonic ground. Like Paiste took a bunch of good A's, filtered out any oddness, then used that as their ideal. Mine all get along pretty well.
  20. CaptainCrunch

    Please submit Ringo's Best Drumming Efforts (Snappy Responds...)

    In all seriousness, why do discussions of Ringo being "not good enough" and "Bernard Purdie played the parts" never cross pollinate into "Why did Bernard Purdie pretend to not be a good enough drummer?". I am not deeply marinated in works of the Beatles, though I am willing to bet I've heard...