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  1. DrumR69

    Camco bass drum??

    Yep looks like Hayman lugs and claws. Might be nice under that dust ( I think it is dust or Paint?) Wayne
  2. DrumR69

    Camco bass drum??

    They are not Camco lugs or claws. It does have a Ludwig tom mount though which you probably know. Could be Hayman. Wayne
  3. DrumR69

    Leedy Elite snare questions...

    Some pretty cool stuff right there. Yes it looks like someone stripped the nickel off. I wouldn't even want to suggest what to do with it from there. Not an expert and wouldn't want to ruin it that's for sure. Maybe ask Mike Craviotto. it is a later 20's early 30's I would say from the 4 screw...
  4. DrumR69

    Happy Birthday, Bun!

    Enjoy your day, Bun E. Wayne
  5. DrumR69

    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    CherryClassic, I believe being WFL that the rims and snare are brass. Wayne
  6. DrumR69

    $80 garage sale score

    One thing about the concert toms you can fit them inside each other and they actually don't take up that much room for a kit that size. I have the same kit with 2 floors and fit them into 7 cs 2-bass 2-floor 3- the remaining. Wayne
  7. DrumR69

    Help!! Ludwig Bass drum with four legs and Monroe NC Badge! What year ?

    Pictures would help. Made after 1984 , the move to Monroe was at that time. $400 for close to mint full set of Ludwigs ... Grab them. Classic Maple most likely unless Silver badge would be Birch. Wayne
  8. DrumR69

    A Very Lucky Saturday - Trans Badge Ludwig Find

    Steal / deal of the century. WoW Wayne
  9. DrumR69

    Your fate is in Craigslist’s hands.

    Jack pot , Drews music Nice shop and great guy.
  10. DrumR69

    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    Yes , I guess I am showing my age. Haven't bought one in awhile. But actually was looking at how it was set up in the picture and I would think it would tip over if the boom is not over a leg.
  11. DrumR69

    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    I see no counter weights either which could lead to tipping over if not set right. Wayne
  12. DrumR69

    Eddie Knight Camco Drum

    Nice, Is that part of the Blue sparkle kit you have? Hopefully that kit wasn't destroyed in the fire. I have an Eddie Knight bop kit that would look nice signed but don't see that happening. Super Glad you got him to sign yours though. Wayne
  13. DrumR69

    Solid (Single Ply) Shells.

    I believe this W&A bass drum is a solid mahogany shell with solid maple re-rings. (30's maybe) and this 30's W&A floor tom. (re-ring 3ply maple) Wayne
  14. DrumR69

    Vintage possibly Gretsch or W&Auge shell query

    Here are some shots of the edges from the 30's kit I have. And some of the 50's kit I have. and a silver shell on the bongos. as you can see they used what they had available at the time. Wayne
  15. DrumR69

    Vintage possibly Gretsch or W&Auge shell query

    Hi Bongomania, I measured mine : the 30'-40's badge is 1" the 50'-60's badge is 1.25" the Gretsch bass drum badge is 1.5" Wayne
  16. DrumR69

    Vintage possibly Gretsch or W&Auge shell query

    Bongomania, is that drum pictured painted black? Looks like I see a chip and WMP under there. Also the W&A badges are round like the RB, have to measure them both and see if they are the same size. Could be interesting to know. Wayne
  17. DrumR69

    Vintage possibly Gretsch or W&Auge shell query

    Yes, I thought that also (The 3ply being used for the snares and bass drums), but I was just taking it out of the context of the book. I might have to tell Jeremy about that one. jptrickster, isn't that the Anniversary Sparkle kit in the W&A book. Great drum kit.
  18. DrumR69

    New house=new drum room!

    What's behind door #3? Sorry couldn't resist, sweet setup for sure. Wayne
  19. DrumR69

    Rack tom ergonomics

    I know some don't like the looks of racks but they let you position the drums pretty much any where you want. Might be an option if you don't mind a rack. Wayne
  20. DrumR69

    Vintage possibly Gretsch or W&Auge shell query

    RGB supposedly handmade drums from the late 50's to mid 70's his father George handcrafted them from the 20's to mid-late 50's Both RGB and dad used Jasper shells. The father used 3ply or single ply both with re-enforcement rings and were usually painted black interior. The father used a...