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  1. jansara

    The 10 Hardest Songs to Play on Drums

    Jazz has nothing to do with it, but I get your drift. I like Jazz - along with dozens of other styles and feels, none limited to western music. I may be “old and retired”, but I'm definitely not “bitter”. Matter of fact, I'm happier than a pig in the mud with my life and the things I enjoy...
  2. jansara

    The 10 Hardest Songs to Play on Drums

    I found this quite challenging...
  3. jansara

    Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride Approximate Year

    Mine has the "ping ride" stamp on the top. I picked it up early to mid-70's... Schaeffer's Drum Shop, Flint MI. rings a bell (no pun intended)
  4. jansara

    Zildjian A 20" Ping Ride Approximate Year

    I have one, bought it sometime in the 70's but it didn't have the ink logo...
  5. jansara

    Crisis in Music

    Gioia's right - even an Ella Fitzgerald wouldn't stand a chance in today's scene. The industry gave up on real talent in favor of glitz, glamor and T&A decades ago when suits with MBA's and zero music background/knowledge took over the business and dumbed it down. Visuals are the rule. More...
  6. jansara

    Leaving drums set up with tom on tom mount-- potential for warping?

    Yes. On the gig I take mine down between every tune.
  7. jansara

    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Great wishes.
  8. jansara

    OT: General Pictures Thread

    Walled city of Carcasonne, France... was there Feb. 2019
  9. jansara

    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    I did. See post #67. Have a nice day.
  10. jansara

    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    Contradiction is my point. Otherwise, poor communication on your part.
  11. jansara

    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    I'm not interested in buying, nor would I be embarrassed if I was. My point about buying Chinese doesn't need clarification. Your comments show otherwise:
  12. jansara

    New 8 Dollar Boom Stands?

    Seems to be a contingency here from the Brotherhood of 'it's cheap Chinese made crap, slave labor, stay away from it ' . Yet, a large chunk of their wardrobes, gadgets, electronics and home furnishings were most likely Chinese made, some of them probably bought at Dollar discount stores. Or...
  13. jansara

    The ability to play multiple styles

    Of course not. It's buying in.
  14. jansara

    Levon Helm

    He was American. The Hawks were his temporary Canadian connection, Ronnie Hawkins also being from Arkansas.
  15. jansara

    The ability to play multiple styles

    I'm out of the steady gig scene but when I was in, I played it all. Well, all except for heavy metal/crazy loud rock - I like my ears. I could be choosy and was never out of work. Pop, Jazz, R&B, Big Band, Blues, Soul, Country, Country Rock and everything in between. Trios, quartets - all...
  16. jansara

    Talking Drums With Joe Cocuzzo

    Some of the older guys will remember Joe Cocuzzo from his times with an A-list of bands and artists. I came across an interview he had done in Modern drummer that you might find interesting for his insight into the drums and music, from his practice routines to his concept of time to his...
  17. jansara

    Comparison of Real Feel Pad and actual snare drum!

    Either tension your snare to equal the pad feel (and then learn to live with the sound that gives you) or get a tuneable pad like the Remo. I've had one for years. It's tensioned to feel the same as my snare. I also have a Real Feel... the Remo gets used a lot more.
  18. jansara

    Play it again Sam... Clayton Cameron - Tony Bennett: Drum Solo!

    Clayton's top notch. I really dig his playing. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm pretty sure Tony Bennett has a soft spot for drummers of that caliber. case in point: The first time I saw Tony in concert, the great Joe Cocuzzo was on the throne. The house lights go down, Joe comes out...
  19. jansara

    Questions about Jam Sessions: History, Function, Experiences

    When I started playing as a kid in the early 60's jam sessions were a regular event at more than a few bars and hotels. We were familiar with all of the road bands on the regular circuit, and many of them hosted Saturday afternoon sessions. That aspect of music accounted for a big part of how...